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  1. MeganVonL16

    The We Miss Joe Thread

    I just placed an order for 30 cartos. How awesome is it that I wait until the day he is gone to place a $40 order
  2. MeganVonL16

    Available NOW

    Here is an even better picture. Its silver vein through and through. No hard black rings or anything :)
  3. MeganVonL16

    Strawberry Kiwi from

    Sorry I am really rambling in this one. Didn't want to edit the video. From now on my videos should only be 5 mins long or less. thanks for watching guys and PLEASE SUBSCRIBEEE! :)
  4. MeganVonL16

    ivape aloha mod - Honu

    this review has been corrected by the manufacturer and the owner of ivape. as quoted below "Yours is a Mk. 1. I am currently working on the Mk II, and all of those will have silver glitter on top. however, it will not be exposed like yours. The Mk II has an acrylic top, and a solid ring, not...
  5. MeganVonL16

    New Contest - 15 bottle giveaway: i Vape Because

    Watch this while you are all waiting lol
  6. MeganVonL16

    Available NOW

    Here is a better look at the Silver Vein finish - hope you guys like it :) -Megs
  7. MeganVonL16

    Ordering your new chuck

    yes it is :)
  8. MeganVonL16

    Ordering your new chuck

    So I just saw our little newborn baby chuck. Sadly I kinda hoped the decal would be the length of the chuck and not just an image toward the top. I was thinking the image i submitted would encompass the whole chuck itself and not the way it is. I love the matte black but the black on the...
  9. MeganVonL16

    Delivery from Ivape to Greenville, SC

    Hey nilius, I hath found you on ECF <3
  10. MeganVonL16

    Follow Us on Twitter!

    woooo follow me too I'm FOLLOWING YOU TO JOE!
  11. MeganVonL16

    cheap juice

    Holy crap. SO many people from WA. Check out our official page in my signature. We just had a meet up a couple weeks back!! Become a member for future vape meets
  12. MeganVonL16

    LeCig Review?

    I have a LeCig kit. Honestly before you go and spend the money with them I would buy a Riva from - Personal Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and Accessories and spend half the money ($45?) you would on a standard 808 kit. Just my opinion
  13. MeganVonL16

    ValiuMODS from IVAPE...

    Just ordered mine, and a 6 pack of 10mls for $67 Free shipping. Cant beat that!!! :) - Personally I already know how great these mods are because I took the photos on the website, but I have yet to own one :) I cried the day I mailed them back from their photo session, their *sniff* so *sniff*...
  14. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    Strictly 5-6v for me. I dont like 3.7 unless I have a Boge LR cartomizer and it seems to keep me happy. I just use these batteries Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers - 6 RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with a Smart Charger -Specials and its only $27 for 6 and a charger...
  15. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    Lol, a 510 carto. :)
  16. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    Our next vapers meet is going to be in Spokane :) at the vapor lounge! and yes, the omega silver vein finish is scratch resistant and seems to be durable. I said in my review I didn't care for that velvet crushed pouch but it is what my omega has stayed in every day i put it in my purse and...
  17. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    Ohh yea! We just had a huge vapers meet, I'm excited for you to get the Omega. My husband bought a chuck but its taking forever to get here. Here is a pic of bigicedog and I from the vapers meet we had this saturday in tacoma. the link to the official website is in my signature :)
  18. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    your welcome. I actually prefer the silver vein over the chrome because I am OCD and the finger prints/constant urge to polish it up would drive me nuts!
  19. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    I do plan on buying a custom green SB with a black button but Chad is sick and in surgery for a couple weeks so I am waiting to buy that one. BUT my omega switch really isnt that bad, it has just the right amount of resistance, and I have tried my share of SB's and the button is kinda inverted...
  20. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

    its very light weight, almost half the weight of the V3 and feels awesome in your hands. I can't express how much I love this thing, and out of the 20 sum mods I have had in the past I would say save your pennies and buy the Omega!