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  1. MeganVonL16

    Strawberry Kiwi from

    Sorry I am really rambling in this one. Didn't want to edit the video. From now on my videos should only be 5 mins long or less. thanks for watching guys and PLEASE SUBSCRIBEEE! :)
  2. MeganVonL16

    ivape aloha mod - Honu

    this review has been corrected by the manufacturer and the owner of ivape. as quoted below "Yours is a Mk. 1. I am currently working on the Mk II, and all of those will have silver glitter on top. however, it will not be exposed like yours. The Mk II has an acrylic top, and a solid ring, not...
  3. MeganVonL16

    Ordering your new chuck

    So I just saw our little newborn baby chuck. Sadly I kinda hoped the decal would be the length of the chuck and not just an image toward the top. I was thinking the image i submitted would encompass the whole chuck itself and not the way it is. I love the matte black but the black on the...
  4. MeganVonL16

    Silver Vein Omega

  5. MeganVonL16

    Wanna help someone quit?

    So check this out I did the math for my sister for an Ego, 1 extra atty, and 5 bottles of ivape e liquid and after the coupon code and free shipping it came to $73.03 THATS AMAZING! So if you take this DSE Ego (Black) add this Atomizers and 5 bottles of this iVAPE PV Liquid 10ml...
  6. MeganVonL16

    Mako Midi

    This is my review on the mako midi from I love this thing!!
  7. MeganVonL16

    VaporGalaxy French Toast and Cafe Expresso

    I really enjoy this e-liquid and making these videos. Thank you all for watching!!
  8. MeganVonL16

    Official NW Vapers meet this September!

    Please visit Home - Official Page for the 2010 North West Vapers Meet (Washington and surrounding areas) for all the details and become a member PLEASE! This is going to be huge with 1-3 suppliers and raffles, free stuff left and right. Juice samples and a great atmosphere. Please follow the...