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  1. Shekinahsgroom

    FDA FDA Released New Interpretation of Compliance Policy Guidance PDF

    This is part of the response that I received from an on-going debate about regulating DIY by requiring all tobacco manufacturers register and why the definitions of the law are unclear. "The law defines a manufacturer as anyone who manufactures, fabricates, assembles, labels, or processes a...
  2. Shekinahsgroom

    Class Action Exploding Devices

    I'm sure that most of you have been reading the very recent news about Senator Schumer (D-NY) calling for a ban on vaping gear... Senator Schumer Wants E-Cigarettes Recalled Well, the following class action could make it even worse... Exploding E-Cigarette Class Action Lawsuit Investigation...
  3. Shekinahsgroom

    Paypal Class Action Account-Hold Settlement - Up to $2000 Reimbursement

    Not sure where I should put this, but it's definitely NEWS! PayPal Account Hold Class Action Settlement Everyone should bookmark the Top Class Actions website and read it often. It's constantly updated and it's likely that every person is somehow affected by at least one case on the site...
  4. Shekinahsgroom

    Co-Op Interest for L-Rider Lavatubes for $30 each unit!!!

    Hey everybody, Yes, I know that there's a coop already going in the classifieds. But that one is NOT with L-Rider, it's with Uniq and their prices are higher than L-Rider, as they're a supplier and not the manufacturer. I've spoken with Joker and have decided to post this "interested party"...