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  1. WillieB69

    New Mod!

    Went to pick up some eliquid this afternoon and ended up walking out with a new Snowwolf MFENG mod and tank kit. I’m liking it so far. The tank is nice but I wish it had a rebuildable deck. My old mod was getting a bit hinky in the electronics so I needed another one anyway. Just wasn’t really...
  2. WillieB69

    Been Gone For A Long While

    Good news: Still analog free for 9 years. Bad news: It’s getting harder to find stuff to keep my old RBA going. I can’t find anyplace that just makes regular old kanthal coils. Everything uses disposable coils these days. Guess I’ll have to order some wire somewhere and try my hand at making my...
  3. WillieB69

    Single Coil Top Airflow RTA?

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this forum but I have an issue I need help with. I have been using an OBS Engine for a long time and I love it. Unfortunately, I just downgraded from a dual battery mod to a single battery and the dual coil OBS eats batteries almost faster than I can...
  4. WillieB69

    You Can't Make Up This Kind Of Crazy!

    I've got a $20 that says this guy goes "SPLAT" either during or shortly after the launch. This Weekend A Man Will Strap Himself To A Homemade Rocket To 'Prove' The Earth Is Flat
  5. WillieB69

    Back In My happy Place

    A couple of weeks ago I posted how my Tesla Steampunk mod and OBS Engine tank disappeared on me. I took a chance and ordered replacements from and even though it shipped from China, I had my order in 11 days. I'm back in my happy place again! Gotta say I'm pretty impressed with the...
  6. WillieB69

    Lost My Steampunk!

    Need some help. I did a really stupid thing last night. I left my Teslacigs Steampunk sitting on a bus bench when I left work last night. (In my defense, I had just finished a 12 hour shift and it was almost 11:30.) Of course, when I went back to get it.... it was gone. I lost both my Steampunk...
  7. WillieB69

    Keeping Things Simple

    I've messed around with a lot of coil combinations. The things I've found that work best for me are the simple ones. My OBS engine tank is running on .19 to .2 ohms with a dual coil setup of single strand 22 gauge wire wrapped on a 3.0 Coil Master post and firing at 55W. My Derringer clone...
  8. WillieB69

    Rebuildable Coil Life

    What's the longest you've kept a coil going on a rebuildable deck? Was it one you wrapped yourself or was it a premade coil? I've got 2 coils in my OBS Engine that I wrapped about 3 months ago and they're still going. They're Kanthal 22 gauge wire and hanging in there at 0.25 Ohms according to...
  9. WillieB69

    Box Mods.... You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

    Found one of my original "box mods" the other day. An old 3 battery box converted into an ecig. It still works too! Compared to today:
  10. WillieB69

    Looking What Came In The Mail Today!

    Just got my Tesla Nano 120. How do they get away with calling this beast a Nano??
  11. WillieB69

    Do You Plan To Ever Quit Vaping?

    The "Crave A Cigarette" thread got me wondering...... How many of us plan to give up vaping someday? I know most of us took up vaping to fight our smoking addictions but how many actually WANT to give up their vapes? I know a few people who have given it up after a period of time but I really...
  12. WillieB69

    Mind If I Pull Up A Chair?

    Long time no see, ECF. I thought I'd pop in and update y'all where I'm at in the vaping world. Going on almost 4 years as a straight vaper now. My Trusty IPV D2 died in a tragic accident when it hit a cement floor tank first and rammed the connector back into the box. Also shattered the tank. I...
  13. WillieB69

    RDA Dripping..... I Get It Now

    So, I have been having issues fighting leaky tanks as of late. Out of desipration, I ordered a couple of Derringer RDA clones on eBay. Once they arrived, I did a couple of 0.6 ohm single coil builds with some premade coils. (One for me and one for the wife.) Holy cow..... FLAVOR! VAPOR! This far...
  14. WillieB69

    He Ain't Twisted..... He's My Coil

    Just more for grins and giggles than any other reason, I decided to try making a hand twisted coil tonight. I used 2 strands of 28 gauge Kanthal twisted by fingers and a set of pliers. I wrapped it with a 2.5 mm diameter post and did 6 wraps. Slapped it into a deck and onto my ohm reader and it...
  15. WillieB69

    RDA Safe Adhesive For A Top Cap?

    Maybe this is the right place to put this but maybe not?? I dunno. Anyway, I just bought my wife and I each a little Derringer clone from eBay. Hers is stainless steel and very well made. I ordered mine in black and it's mostly delrin plastic except for the base. Both came from the same seller...
  16. WillieB69

    Does Anyone Else Hate The Taste Of New Cotton?

    I have tried all sorts of different cotton. Japanese organic cotton, Cotton Bacon V2.0, the cotton balls they stick in with your new tank or atomizer, etc..... But for the first several drags they all taste like I'm sucking my liquid through freshly washed bed linen. I saturate well before I...
  17. WillieB69

    Seriously..... When Did Vaping Get Taken Over By The Scene Kids?

    I'm soon to be 47 years old. I've been successfully vaping for over 2 years now. I've ordered a vast majority of my stuff online but every once in awhile, I have to resort to running out to one of my local shops to get something that is an immediate need. (Ran out of cotton or my next juice...
  18. WillieB69

    Issue With My Mod.....

    When I exhale after using my mod, I can't see my computer screen or read the forum because of the vapor clouds. :blink: Does anyone have a fix for this? :D
  19. WillieB69

    What Have I Done?

    So I'm on a Facebook page for local vapers to swap and sell vaping gear and today I saw this Apollo mod and Geyser atomizer listed for $30, used. I'm guessing they are clones because the guy selling it said he paid around $80 for the setup and a real Geyser runs between $60-$70 from what I've...
  20. WillieB69

    Wizard Labs Nicotine Solution

    OK, I haven't done much DIY stuff. I'm looking at ordering 2 bottles of 12mg nicotine solution from Wizard Labs. One in 100% PG and one in 100% VG. Aside from flavors do I need to add anything else to this to vape it or can I just mix the two for a 50/50 blend, add flavoring and go for it? Or...