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  1. tidegirl

    Cloudy menthol

    My menthol flavoring has turned white and cloudy. It is menthol crystals dissolved in PGA. It was completely clear. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  2. tidegirl

    No more nic

    I never thought I would be able to break my nic addiction, but I have been nic free for almost a year now. Given the current state of vaping, I thought this would be a good time to share how I did it. So if you can't buy a lifetime supply of nic right now it is something to consider. Or if you...
  3. tidegirl


    Hi fellow DIYers. I have been vaping almost 3 years and DIYing since about a month into vaping. I have a friend who wants to start DIY and he wants to make a Turkish blend. I am at a complete loss for direction for him, since I do not vape tobaccos at all. I do know that tobaccos are usually low...
  4. tidegirl

    Help me help a friend

    I have a friend who is having a hard time with vaping. She is using some kind of over-sized filler carto that she undoubtedly paid 4 prices for at a local rip-off shop. (I think I just felt Chris cring as I typed that LOL.) I want to get her vaping some kind of clearo. I don't think she will go...
  5. tidegirl

    Testing batteries

    I have 2 AW IMR 18490s and 2 efest IMR 18490s. They are getting old and performance seems to be slipping, so I want to test them with a multimeter. I know they should charge to 4.2 v, but what am I looking for when they are discharged? What is safe, and what is I should toss them? Should I use...
  6. tidegirl

    Mt Baker Vapor

    Anyone using Mt Baker Vapor flavors? I ordered a bunch tonight. They recommend 15-40% flavoring on their site, and I was wondering what others had experienced with these. Most of my flavorings are Loranns at 5-10%, or Capellas at 10%.
  7. tidegirl

    Help! My Protanks are possessed

    Just the last 24 hours or so I am having nonstop problems with my Protanks flooding. I am having this on different tanks, old and new heads. I have tried re-tightening and fiddling with the heads, made sure the tank is good and secure, they are not overfilled... nothing is working for me. I did...
  8. tidegirl

    Cee Lo!!!

    Did anyone else just see Cee Lo vaping on The Voice???? Awesome!
  9. tidegirl

    Dwolla help please

    I am trying to place a quick order before bed, but I can't seem to find my Dwolla ID. Can anyone help? I thought I found it on the statements page, but I am still getting an error message.
  10. tidegirl

    Me? Normal???

    So I am a respiratory therapist/sleep technologist. Today a coworker was needing to train another coworker on doing pulmonary function tests (for those of you who have had them the test where they scream at you to BLOW BLOW BLOW BLOW BLOW into a machine) and she volunteered me to be the patient...
  11. tidegirl

    Vivi help please

    So I have been loving my Vivi Novas pretty much since they dropped. I have three now, and they have a lot of miles on them. However long they have been out, they are almost that old. In the last week or so, they are giving me fits, though. They are leaking almost constantly. I can't quite tell...
  12. tidegirl

    best deal on twist or spinner?

    Who is running the best deal on a twist or spinner starter kit? I have someone interested in getting started, and I think this is the right thing for him to get going. I want a US vendor- don't think he will order from China and don't want him to wait that long. Preferably something that comes...
  13. tidegirl

    Recent buyers- a question

    I noticed on my USPS tracking on the right column where it has expected delivery date it says signature confirmation underneath. It seems like I have seen that before on orders where there was no signature required, but I'm worried since I'm not sure if we will still be home when the mail runs...
  14. tidegirl


    I ordered my purple with blue led V 2.5 at 11 last night, and it is shipped!!! Now if the post office will just be so kind as to hurry the ______ up so I can quit with the Battery Russian Roulette game. Could I be so lucky as to have it in time for my 12 hour concert Saturday??? I doubt it, as...
  15. tidegirl

    3 lights on an ego

    Anyone know what 3 blinks means on an ego? You would think if they built these features into a batt, they would put an explaination in the user manual. But I tracked that down on the joyetech site, and of course nothing. :facepalm: I was trying to use it earlier with 2 different vivis, and with...
  16. tidegirl


    I have been using my Vivi Novas exclusively for quite a while. But my Pina Colada and Banana juices don't play well with them, so I broke out a Phoenix BC yesterday. Wow, I forgot how great these things are! I want to pick up a few more vivis, and now I will have to add more Phoenixs to the...
  17. tidegirl

    Cold blooded...

    Myfreedomsmokes... Order confirmation- Wed 8:45 am Order shipped- Wed 9:57 am 20% off unflavored nic!!!- Wed 5:06 pm. {sigh} It never fails, if you want a vendor to run a good sale, just ask me to place an order. My stuff is sure to be on sale within 24 hours. LOL Anyway, 20NIC or possibly...
  18. tidegirl

    ? for the IBtanked fan club

    Y'all have just about convinced me to give IBtanked a try. I was just looking at their products again, but I can't find any 25mm caps??? What am I missing here?
  19. tidegirl

    It's my vapeversary

    I have a few more days before I hit vet status, but ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I got my ego kit at a local B & M store and fell in love. So, who got me Provari for my vape birthday? Purple, please. :D
  20. tidegirl

    Got hubby vaping!

    I know this is controversial, but hubby is stuffy, coughing and hacking, so I mixed up some no nic menthol juice for him. He is vaping away and loves the cool menthol for his throat. Just PG VG PGA and menthol so I have no qualms giving it to him. He is not one that's gonna develop a habit and...