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  1. blueeyeddevil

    just wondering

    i was looking for some good diy butter flavor that is safe to vape(not sweet cream) custard cupcake or cake batter ,yellow preferably and some good fruit flavors all i have tried taste terrible over powering or perfumy even at 1% thanks all advice welcome :blush:
  2. blueeyeddevil


    ok so i have a question i can get my mixes to taste pretty good my problem now is i can get a flavor either on inhale or exhale not both..... i have tried different mix ratios and i know it can be done because the ejuice i have bought premade is like that so does anyone know how to get both?
  3. blueeyeddevil


    im looking for an additive like sweetner only i want one for salty . anyone know of any?
  4. blueeyeddevil

    Tfa caramel candy flavor

    this stuff smells like coffee, anyone use this? i have tried and it tastes like coffee too .. if anyone use this please advise me thanks
  5. blueeyeddevil

    Suggestions please

    Here is what i have TFA marshmallow,toasted marshmallow,passionfruit,caramel candy , bavarien cream,white chocolate, ry4 type, butterscotch,raspberry,sweet cream, apple pie,grape juice,sweetner sour Flavorwest wild cherry ,cream soda Liberty Flights granny smith apples Loraanns...
  6. blueeyeddevil

    ive looked all over thiss forum and google

    ive looked all over thiss forum and google,what im looking for is a recipe for drangons blood from ecblend ,its pretty good ,Dragon's Blood - eLiquid Flavor - ECBlend actually i dont even have to have a recipe for it i would like to know the ingredients i can tweak it myself any help will be...
  7. blueeyeddevil

    Smoktec and boge cartos keep frying

    setup is a lava tube vv 7ml tank my question is that every single carto i have used fries after a day or so i use low resitance an have also tried other dual coils and standard resistance and even high resistance ive tried on every setting on my tube without avail i also make sure that the...
  8. blueeyeddevil

    a couple of tanks and a pass through i made

    please comment and tell me what you think lol, and yes that says kobalt lol as in it was a screw driver now its a passthrough lol
  9. blueeyeddevil


    i know there is a section for this but im new and i cant post in the other threads yet so i will ask here im still a little bit of a newb but i have read piles and piles of diy and im confident i can do it safely my question is what is the best do it yourself kit and vendor and what is the best...
  10. blueeyeddevil

    Hi everyone

    just wanted to introduce myself and say hello i have been following the forum for a while now and decided to join :vapor: