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  1. mwa102464

    need a little help please

    Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ] Return capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \ shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский alt alt Preferences Every time I send someone a PM...
  2. mwa102464

    Vapor test results

    Just saw this test = Vapor Test Results by Korea Electronic Cigarette Association Comments ?
  3. mwa102464

    What's Your Best DIY Recipe

    This thread is going to be set up for you to list your Very Best DIY Recipe, I would like to keep the chat to a minimum and just create a thread for ECF'rs Best DIY Recipes. So, please post your recipe here if you would like to participate, I think it would make for an excellent source for many...
  4. mwa102464

    2012 Best of the Best E-Liquids Awards

    OK like I did last year and with Sa Da Tay's help lets see who & what is the Best of the Best this year in 2012 Please only pick one for each selection, if you don't have one for each selection and only want to pick one juice that's also fine, one post per member. Please copy and past the...
  5. mwa102464

    just a cool way to store your Silica wick

    The Teflon tape holders make for a great little Silica wick holder, it's nice because you can just roll it up on the round wheel and pop on the cover, this way it doesn't get frayed up and stays nice and safe. I just thought I'd post a picture of how I keep my Silica wick safe and stored nicely.
  6. mwa102464

    2012 The Best of the Best DIY flavorings from each flavor manufacture

    I would like people who are really into DIY to list flavors that they find to be the best of the best of flavors and the manufacturer, out of all the manufactures they have tried, example like the best Strawberry flavor out of all THE FLAVOR manufactures, but all and any best of the best flavors...
  7. mwa102464

    The Mango SS RBA

    Something a little bit different here, WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO Magno SS Atomizer - YouTube
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    special times, 3yrs not 1 Stinky ;) Thank you ECF :)
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    Birds 7 Balt 0 Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    Has there been any reply from the university on the Ellen Hahn situation ? just curious, THX
  11. mwa102464

    Difference in Silica wick

    I'm seeing two different types of Silica wick it seems, one like COV sells , it's a brighter white and seems tighter wound, then one like Avid vapor sells that has a yellow-ish hue to it and seems looser wound. Anybody know what the difference is in thee two different types of Silica wick...
  12. mwa102464

    FDA can kiss my,,,, read these new findings: ALLVOICES Article by VocalEK

    Check this out Latest Studies Confirm E-Cigarette Vapor Safety
  13. mwa102464

    The Steam Machine

    Just WOW, I've had many a different Atty's,Tanks, Carto's, and RBA's, The Steam Machine is La Machine baby. Talk about vapor & Flavor this bad Azz unit has to be one of the Best yet. Just got mine today and have to say the Steam Machine is a Monster Vape, and not only a Monster Vape but one...
  14. mwa102464

    CASAA please address this letter, and write one back to the Dean of UK and Best Western

    This letter and the information in it written by this woman Dr Ellan Hahn is pretty appalling, spreading this type of information is one helluva way to ruin vape meets and what she is doing to derail a public vape meeting of people looking to have a nice time is just wrong. CASSA needs to get...
  15. mwa102464

    DID Genesis Dual Wick

    Didnt have time yet to take picks but its pretty self explanatory, For the last couple of hours I've been vaping on a dual 400 SS mesh wick in my Genesis DID Atty. I rolled up one nice size wick, then rolled up a 2nd mesh wick that was smaller and fit inside the first wick, the second wick has a...
  16. mwa102464

    The Line RBA & Silica

    Wanted to try Silica in my line tonight and this works really well using 2mm Silica. Make a loop in your wick then turn your kanthal around the silica like the pics below show, then feed one leg of the wick down through the center hole with the needle and make it so the top of the wick loop is...
  17. mwa102464

    Allergic to Aspartame

    This is a bit crazy but I just found out I'm allergic to Aspartame after over a year of my feet and ankles retaining fluid in them and saw numerous different Dr's and not one of them pegged this. I'm type 2 Diabetic and have used Splenda now for the longest time in my coffee which doesn't have...
  18. mwa102464

    Odysseus Trick

    Take a piece of the SS wool like Mesh, not the wick type sheets of mesh the wool like SS Mesh and twist it up a little bit, roll it into a circle,, then push it down to the bottom of the ceramic cup and then do your Coil & wick however you like to do it, I just do a 1.5ohm coil using the 2m...
  19. mwa102464

    Plastic Bottles & E-Liquid

    I'm not happy any longer with what I'm seeing when I look at the plastic bottles that vendors are using to send us our juice in. When I look into an empty 15ml-30ml plastic bottle the inside looks like it has been melted. This isn't with just one vendor or one juice but with pretty much all of...
  20. mwa102464

    18650 Ego-T unit ???

    The newer Ego-t 18650 Batt, has a newer switch, it is a regulated 3.2v, and with 5 clicks and a hold of 5sec's it goes to non regulated,,, my question is what is the switch rated at, can I run a 5v Batt or 2 x 3.2 LiFePO4's for 6V,, or will this blow the switch for the non regulated. I don't...