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  1. reptilr

    Thankyou never seems to say enough

    Hi Mom & Pop, I guess before i start shouting out thankyou's, I'd better introduce myself. Im Melissa and Im the Aussie that coudn'nt wait to order while you were away on holidays. For everyone else here, to better explain myself, I placed my order knowing full well the "holidayers" were still...
  2. reptilr

    My KBV story

    I guess this post has been a long time coming but i've been a bit lazy and have sat by the hidey hole stump while watching the show pass by , Happily content on the images played before me. I've been a KBV fan for almost a year now and while the start of my journey with KBV didn'nt hit me the...
  3. reptilr

    Free fsusa juice from an aussie

    An aussie i know from the fsusa forum is dropping down their nic level and giving away some free juice in 18mg strength. Here's the link if your interested if not just ignore ;p
  4. reptilr

    He arrived

    Hey Jay & All, Super mini arrived 8 days ago and haven't looked back since(shhh don't tell the other pv's gathering dust in the cupboard) , Love the top button, fires consistently 200% of the time, and is a dream to carry around. Thanks for a superb GLV :vapor::vapor: , now if i can get my...
  5. reptilr

    My tommie that approves of FSUSA

    Hi guys hope your well. Well i've been posting some pics around the site and they have been much loved but i didn'nt think to post it here. So from a nudge from MXBNW here is a pic for you. Your 3ml bottles are very handy!!
  6. reptilr

    Credit must go to FSUSA

    Speechless, different and mind blowing , I've found my calling, and im sure you are all going to tell me " I told you so" " and yes we agree" so here i say please do tell me " i told you so" okay now im probably not making any sense and i've lost all my readers. So I get my package from...
  7. reptilr

    How long does 10ml last you.....

    Okay so here's the deal, I got my new order from Ms T on Friday me thinks.... I have been vaping the banana cream pie almost non stop..... it Delicious, it's yummy and its driving me nuts because I've only about 2ml left and so many other yummy flavors to go through but all i can think about is...
  8. reptilr

    Great Vendor THanks

    I didn't want to hijack anyones thread, so here goes. I've been ordering from these guys since June of this year, mainly only M401 parts and even thought i have now upgraded to a different PV as shown in my sig, I still keep my M401 alive and kicking, and its all thanks to sean and the guys...
  9. reptilr

    First Timer @ reviewing- Mojito-cherry cola- watermelon- tin box mint

    I am one to read reviews not give them but I felt that it's been long overdue to contribute something back and really give Geoff the credit he deserves. This is my second order from Geoff and all the flavors have not touched my lips since about 2 hours ago. Meaning I have never tried them...
  10. reptilr

    hello from all the way out here

    Hellooo all.. i've been lurking around the ecf for the ppast few days, reading this that and everything in between. WOW i am amazed and really glad i found this site. like many others i'm sure! i ordered a m401 its still on its way , can you tell i'm stalking the delivery guy lol.... i ordered...