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  1. super dave

    I need coil and wick to rebuild vivi nova 2.5 and vision stardust coil heads

    I really like the vivi nova's and the new stardust rebuildables, the replaceable heads work great in 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohms. I use a vv lava tube for the vivi 2.5, 2.5ml tank and my ego batt for the stardust and would like to try my hand at re-wicking and coiling etc; The got vape's site always...
  2. super dave

    Parts for the tinkerer?

    Wick and coil wire packs. When will these be available? I'm following the forum but only hear of maybe's on these. Can I get an answer on time and where I can find these? As I like to tinker and fine tune etc.:blink:
  3. super dave

    Aroma EJuice true innovators

    I just want to share my experiances with Aroma EJuice. Jerry the owner was very helpful to me to say the least. The E Juices with the added WTA have worked very well for me, a long time cig smoker, a long with the other juices. Jerry went on to explain the process in detail to extract from...
  4. super dave


    Aroma ejuice with WTA seems to be the missing link I needed, as a 40 plus year cig smoker. Just thought I'd let someone know what I've found