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  1. Yellowman1972

    profiteering and the ecf- your opinion

    Ah please disregard. Beer-rant
  2. Yellowman1972

    Best LR attys IMO all around great performers from

    these are the best LR attys imo. Have not used the 901 as I am just not a fan of that atty but I am sure that it rocks too! The 510-306-801mini all 2.0 ohm attys.
  3. Yellowman1972

    3 best LR attys From the best lr attys IMO

    If you want the best from your juice and PV, use the best attys. 1st review of the new year fittingly is my favorite vendor and best all around attys
  4. Yellowman1972

    Reviewing an Oldie but a Greaty! The Wood Reo by redeyedancer.

    its been done before, well not as many times as the Silver Bullet but its well reviewed and the concensus is.....this mod is awesome. I got this second hand but Rob went thru it and gave it a tune-up. I love Wood pv's and the wood reo is a classic. an 801 connection which if you are gonna run...
  5. Yellowman1972

    My review of the Latest Ali'i, Bloodwood/Maple 3.7v/6.0v version

    I 1st got a VV ali'i and while I loved the vape and feed system I learned I am not a VV vaper. I am a 3.7v with a LR atty guy. when I got this PV it made me fall in love with the ali'i all over again. It is everything I wanted when I 1st ordered and Kaji(ryan) came thru big time on this.
  6. Yellowman1972

    New Phidias (Presidential) by Fonosmoak. The king of 3.7v Vaping

    YouTube - The New Phidias, The best got better by FonoSmoak(Presidential Edition)
  7. Yellowman1972

    Help!! lookin to make a box with a usb recharge capability.

    first off I know just enough about electronics not to kill myself and my soldering skills would be rated as passable....ya passable. with that being said could someone point me in the right direction to get started on building a box that would have the capability to charge the battery via usb? I...
  8. Yellowman1972

    The Grand PV. from by redeyedancer

    YouTube - The Grand PV. Built Reomods tough by Redeyedancer
  9. Yellowman1972

    My review of the Best HV Attys on the market by Ikenvape

    So this is my review of Isaac at Ikenvape's Hv 306 & 510. If you have a great Mod it deserves a Great Atty.
  10. Yellowman1972

    My review of the Best HV on the market by Ikenvape

    So this is my review of Isaacs at Ikenvape HV 510 & 306 attys....enjoy
  11. Yellowman1972

    My review of the Phidias w/Feedimus By Fono

    Okay her is my 1st review, be gentle....
  12. Yellowman1972

    Is it worth trying again?

    After reading gushing and glowing responses about what a great company and how great the juice and customer service was I put in my very 1st order with them. It was mostly a DIY order cuz I had friends and family coming over that weekend and I wanted to be able to make some stuff for everyone...