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  1. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Misc RDA's, Mods and more - Vandy Vape, Steam Crave GLAZ,

    The nano is 25mm single coil, the mini is 23mm, the original engine is dual coil 25mm, I be looking for the nano if that's what that is in your pic.
  2. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Misc RDA's, Mods and more - Vandy Vape, Steam Crave GLAZ,

    I'm interested in that obs engine if its a nano single coil.
  3. canudigit365


    I'd be all over this if it wasn't well pink. Rare mod you got there for sure
  4. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold MTL setup

    Thanks a lot Archane, I did end up selling these items on another platform. The thread will now be closed.
  5. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold MTL setup

    Quantity 1- Pico Plus 8.75/10 Quantity 2- Hastur Minis, 1 is heavily used the other is like new only seen one build, 5 extra sets of glass, additional 1.6mm airflow pin, 4 drip tips included. $55 for the lot shipped if using g & s fees on you
  6. canudigit365

    For Sale Ksl-S mod

    Sold on a different platform thread will be closed
  7. canudigit365

    Xros Nano-GIVEAWAY!!!

  8. canudigit365

    For Sale Ksl-S mod

    Quantity 1 Ksl-S mod, small and compact, good condition 8.5/10 with 1 small scratch. Looking for $50 shipped conus only
  9. canudigit365

    WTB: small mod preferably an SXK SVA Cinqueterre, BP mods Hilt, or a Tube like cthulhu/reload/etc

    I have a ksl-s mod it's a little smaller than the cliqueterre actually.
  10. canudigit365

    Boba's Bounty

    Django bounty is similar and was just about to mix some up actually. I think chemicalburnvictim came close on his clone but I haven't tried it. Fett’s Reward- A Tribute To Boba’s Bounty Notice the high percentage of magic mix in his clone. Looks like I'm going to have to pick that flavor up...
  11. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Vapefly Galaxies RDA

    Ok if you click on the square in the left hand corner I think it pops up.
  12. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Vapefly Galaxies RDA

    No worries, sorry new to the classifieds on here let me know if you can see this video now.
  13. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Vapefly Galaxies RDA

    $20 shipped I would say condition is 7.5/10 after taking a closer look.
  14. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Vapefly Galaxies RDA

    I can do $22 shipped. I bought it used and used it briefly until I picked up a holic. It comes with just the regular pin and squonk pin. Decent shape 1 scratch on the stainless portion shown in pic.
  15. canudigit365

    ULTON ST Edge Style 22mm RTA w/8 Airpins/Stratum Balance Style 60W Mod

    My Ulton Edge ordered from 2F was covered heavily in machine oil. Machining was ok, I expect better from ulton. Disappointing.
  16. canudigit365

    Closed/Sold Vapefly Galaxies RDA

    I have a stainless one and also have a gold pixie.
  17. canudigit365

    best liquid for mtl?

    I vape 60vg/40pg in my mtl rtas, although I mix my own juice.
  18. canudigit365

    Hello, just joined

    Active on reddit ecigclassifieds, diyejuice subs, but thought I'd give ecf a try. Happy to be here