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    Zephyr Vapors

    Does any know where I can find Zephyr Vapors cool blue razz or any of the other flavors in the PDX Or area? I have Googled, Binged, and Yahooed to no avail.
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    Vaperoyalty website

    Is VapeRoyalty a trustworthy site? I found a copper hcigar nemesis clone for $46 there, I was wondering if it was a reputable vendor or if I needed to find one else where? I have been vaping for a month and I broke my SS nemesis tonight (damn SS friction locked the threads) any advice on finding...
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    Aero tank questions

    I just recently purchased 3 areotanks and I was wondering how long to go before swapping out the coils? I chain vape. I am running them on all clone mech mods and a EVic.
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    Tobacco free for good

    I have a theory about quitting a habit. After 7 days you have officially quit, well lads and lasses, I done did it, 170 hours without a dip of snus or a plug of chew (red man)!!!! It's official, I haven't had a craving for 3 days!! My bosses are cool with me vaping when the need arises, which is...
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    I have been dipping for 25 years and I am hating life right now, I haven't had any tobacco in 100+ hours!!!!!! Granted I am sneaking 24mg nic dripper puffs here and there
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    2.6ohms vs 1.3ohms

    I am currently using a sentinel m16 clone with a Ismoka bcc mega at 2.6ohms if I drop to the 1.3ohm prebuilt will I get a little more vapor?
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    Holi Smokes

    More like holi shadt, I stopped by a local shop today on my way home, the rep was there toting her wares, ( full disclosure: I am a "newb" at vaping) I live in the heart of tree hugging dirt worshiping nuts (Portland Oregon) so when she offered me a sample toot I, being one to never turn down a...
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    Rakuten site good or bad???

    I am contemplating an order of about $75-120 and I was wondering if they were reputable or not? I understand that they are a reseller site but has anyone had any luck good or bad? Thanks y'all Flag
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    NEWB in OR

    I am new to vapor, and I bought the Cool Fire 2 and i am kind of disappointed in the battery life and I am looking to learn more about "cloud chasing" or as I like to call it rolling coal (sorry I am a diesel loving redneck) I have a 50/50 mix and going to switch to more vg than pg 70-100%...