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    I was filling my clearomizer and the top popped off the bottle, causing the juice to explode all over me. Fortunately, it exploded away from my cat, who was laying next to me. I got about 20 ml of 24 mg juice down my chest and all over my arms and hands. I changed and washed it all off. I...
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    Hypermint replacement?

    Sadly, Blue Mist Vaping/AzureVaping is out of business for a while due to flood damage. I hope they are well and can get back on their feet soon. In the mean time, I need to find a new all-day vape. I want something with a strong mint flavor with a menthol kick. Any recommendations? I tried...
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    Do I need to worry about nicotine OD?

    I just spilled a bunch of 28mg juice all over me. It was completely coating on hand and ran down my leg. I washed it off as quickly as I could, maybe 1 - 2 minutes afterwards. Is this dangerous? I already feel a little queasy.
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    Tank system changes juice flavor?

    I just got an ego-t tank system. I've noticed that the juice I use most of the time has a different taste with the tank. The only way I can describe it is that it has a sort of powdery taste. I thought it might have been the cartomizer causing the taste, but I tried it with two other juices and...
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    Wasatch Vapor

    I ordered an Ego-T starter kit from Wasatch Vapor. It was $65, which seemed reasonable, and as far as I can tell it is the genuine article. It included two batteries, two cartomizers, charger, case and five empty tanks. I ordered it on May 24th and received it on May 26th, free shipping. I was...
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    My mom and I went into's local store. They convinced her to buy an ego starter kit and charged her almost $90 for it. It is the same kit they sell on their website for $30 and it was a knock off. We both have this thing about buying locally when possible, which is why we went there...
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    BlueMist Cloves + Hypermint, a nice combo

    I just received BlueMist cloves and hypermint. They are both okay, but don't really thrill me on their own, as a combo though, fantastic.
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    No flavor from ego

    I started out with a kit from Modern Vapor. I didn't have any problems with it, but a guy at a local vaping supply place talked me into getting an Ego. It was fine for a couple of weeks, but now I get no flavor or "hit" from it at all. I get a lot of vapor, but I don't taste for feel...
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    How to get nasty juice out of atomizer?

    I tried some e-juide earlier that was absolutely horrible. It tasted like a men's locker room smells. Putrid, yuck. I only put two drops in the atomizer, but I can't seem to get it cleared out. I've tried just adding different juice and burning it off, but even after doing that a few times...
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    Modern Vapor first impressions

    I just received my Modern Vapor supreme starter kit, and thought I would offer some first impressions. I'll start with the ordering and shipping process. I ordered on Thursday, February 9th, around 10:00pm. It shipped on Friday, the 10th, and I received it today, Monday, February 13th...
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    A Few Q's

    I looked at the site's FAQ and couldn't find answers to these questions, so here it is: 1) How does a sidesho cartridge compare to a pack of cigarettes? Is it roughly the same as one pack? 2) What is the shelf life of the juice, both opened and un? 3) If you leave the battery in the PCC...
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    Dipping my tow back in

    Hey, I was vaping a few years ago, but I couldn't find an e-cig that really satisfied me. I was a heavy smoker, two packs of camel menthol every day (sometimes more) and I just couldn't get past not having the warmth in my chest. Anyway, I ended up quitting smoking in 2008, and have been quit...
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    Question about Kissbox carts

    I like the looks of the black Janty Kissbox Yentl, but I was wondering if the carts are actually black. I sent an email to them and got to totally different responses. So now I am really confused. and Does anyone here know the truth? Also, what do e-cigs smell like? I quit smoking...