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  1. Karla Lyle

    Heather's Heavenly Vapes - THE BIG THREAD (Part 2)

    Wow. Somehow i missed that HHV has 3 new Purity flavors. I spend about $200 a month at HHV but usually just straight to my usual flavors and never really scan though all the flavors so I guess that is how I missed them. As much Purity juices as I order I am surprised they didn't throw a couple...
  2. Karla Lyle

    NET Tobacco Eliquids Review

    I am going to place an order too. I love HHV and The Plume room. How would you say these compare. Are they similar. One vendors NET's I was not a fan of id W2V. Would you say these are more on the lines of HHV or W2V..
  3. Karla Lyle

    Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco - Grand Opening!!![closed]

    Wow. Somehow I have never heard of this place. I will definitely be placing an order soon. 99% of the the juices I vape are NET's and i am always looking for new juices to try. Any recommendations and are there any specials or coupon codea right now? Happy to have found this thread.
  4. Karla Lyle

    Natural Tobaccos

    Is there a list of all the NET vendors somewhere? All in one plavce? I have been trying to read through and see if there are any I have not heard of or tried. Just wondering if anyone has actually made a list of them all? I think I may try Ahlusion. I just wish they had a sampler pack. Being the...
  5. Karla Lyle

    The FastTech Thread For All FastTech Posts

    Wow. maybe I need to spend more time here at ECF reading. I never knew this thread was even here. I am a Fasttech junkie now so I will be chacking out this post. I think I have placed anbout 10 orders in the last 2 months. I just got 2 last week and hae another that shouldbe here tomorrow or...
  6. Karla Lyle

    Natural Tobaccos

    Yes. I really like Shadow as well. Only one I really did not care for that I can think of was Serendipity. It was Ok but I don't think I will order it again. Looking to branch out and try some new stuff. I am sure there are a lot of new vendors that I probably have not tried. I have been vaping...
  7. Karla Lyle

    Natural Tobaccos

    Wow! I thought it was just me. Well me and my husband. We order a lot from HHV and loved Legend and then we got a bottle and didnlt like it. We thought maybe our taste had changed. Glad I saw this. Also like I stated I mainly vape HHV and have been vaping 2 years. I a looking to eitehr make or...
  8. Karla Lyle

    Natural Tobaccos

    99% of all the juices I vape are HHV's NET juices and i have been thinking maybe I should try to make my own NET juices. Has anyone here tried it or know of a thread somewhere where people discuss it. i would love to try to meake my own.
  9. Karla Lyle

    Natural Tobaccos

    Just thought I would post here since the last few times I posted I was asking about NET's. Since trying HHV NET juices that is pretty much all I vape now. I have tried most of the NET's mentioned with this thread and HHV blows them all away bit as we all know taste is subjectve. My favorites...
  10. Karla Lyle

    Who's liable when Vape Mail is lost?

    You paid for Priority shipping. That is insured for $50 so either you or them can file a claim. I do know they will tryt to locate it forst. I would give it a few days. Pacjages get misplaced but every time I have had an issue it showed up in a few days time. Give it a couple days and contact...
  11. Karla Lyle

    Question for Reo owners

    That is the one thing I love Reos for. It is the easiest mod to use on the go IMO. No leaking and if there is a little extra juice in the cup you just vape it up next. I love that I can put the Reo inmy purse.
  12. Karla Lyle

    Fogger V2...WOW

    I was looking for some reviews on the one AKA and Fastech is selling and found this thread. I think I amy hold off and get teh new version. looks great. I have the Dream tank or Kayfun Clone that vapes reaally well and the bottom part of this looks similar. The only issue is that one doesn't...
  13. Karla Lyle

    And along comes the I-Chybrid

    I have one in my cart but trying to make the final decision on if they are worth it. I have high end hybrids but kind of want to get this just to try it really and maybe to use as an out of the house hybrid that iI do not have to worry as much about losing or dropping. I have read most of the...
  14. Karla Lyle

    Your All-Time favorite e-liquid vendor and why?

    Heather's Heavenly Vapes is my favorite at the moment. I only order tobacco's from the Purity line but they are my favorite juices out of everything I have ever tried. I like that the prices are not too high. Although I do wish they at least had a rewards program or something for people who...
  15. Karla Lyle

    cheapo china hybrid that works

    These are sold for $37 I beleive at Fastech. i have been wondering how well they worked. Does not look too bad. There are a few Chines hybrids out now. ooking forward to trying them.
  16. Karla Lyle

    Tonight on The Vaping Evolution: Win AG's Mods!

    Think this was the biggest vaping contest ever!! That is so incredibly generous of you! What a great guy!!
  17. Karla Lyle

    We're can I find ???

    you want an IMR battery or does it have to be that exact battery. Blue and all. If you tell us what kind of battery it is it might be easier to loicate. What kind of mod are you putting it in?
  18. Karla Lyle

    With Draw Al

    Cigarettes have a lot of chemicals added to them that cause you to be even more addicted than just to the nicotine. I too felt some withdrawals that nic did not fix. It will go away though. I have no cravings for cigarettes any more at all now. It will pass.
  19. Karla Lyle

    what was your first e cig when you got into vaping~?

    My very first was an Ego T and then a Kgo shortly there after. That Ego T tank system had to be the worst ever. :(
  20. Karla Lyle

    What is your occupation?

    Mom. Yes that's a job. I work harder now than any other paying job I have ever had.