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    VanVal Vapor|2x 120ml's for $15.99|2x 50ml's for $7.99

    Until tomorrow we will be offering a buy one get one free on all of our eLiquid (excluding sample packs). That means you can get two 120ml bottles for $15.99 and two 50ml bottles for $7.99. All need to do to select the free eLiquid of choice is to wait on the page where your shopping cart is...
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    VanVal Vapor | 120ml - $15.99 / 50ml - $7.99

    Hi friends :) My name is Jake and I help run an eLiquid company that finally launched in July 2016! The name of our company is VanVal Vapor and it was our goal to sell premium eLiquids for "budget juice" price. We wanted there to be an economic incentive as well as a health incentive for...
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    120ml - $12 | 50ml $6 w/ Coupon at

    Hey friends! Stock up on your juice while its cheap! For today and tomorrow only we will be offering 50ml bottles for $6 and 120ml bottles for $12. Check us out at Use coupon code "Numba1Winna"
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    VanVal Vapor 120ml - $12.80 | 50ml - $6.20 w/ Coupon Code

    VanVal Vapor will be running a 20% off sale with coupon code "Skrillas" till Sunday at midnight PST bringing the cost of a 120ml down to $12.80, a 50ml down to $6.20, and sample packs (7x 15ml bottles) down to $12.80 as well :) Check out our website at Happy holidays everybody!