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  1. cignewton

    My SID sucks the life out of my Protank 2

    Greetings vapors, I have a question about a issue with my new Smok SID APV and my kanger protank 2. My smok sid cuts off the draw if I screw it on all the way. It's not an issue with any of my other atomizers or tanks. Just the protank. Ideas? Needle file to the threads? Should I take a...
  2. cignewton

    missing forums in Tapatalk?

    i'm curious why the forum Assorted PV Topics does not appear in the Tapatalk app? ipad version in this case... actually it does show up going through the forum list index but my "latest | participated" link does not show topics in which I have posted.
  3. cignewton

    Cartotank advice needed

    I like my clearomizers, and drip small batches with a 510 atomizer. I'd like to try some other options though, and the next one is a carto or cartotank. I'm happy with what I got so far but I feel to expand my knowledge I should try my hand at all the positions. Any advice for someone with a...
  4. cignewton

    Whats up with Bellingham post office?

    First-order took 7 days from ship date to get first class, and now my second order did not arrive today so it's at least 6. I'm one state away in Oregon and I get stuff from Seattle in one or two days and southern California in two days every time. What's going on with the Bellingham post office?
  5. cignewton

    Bobas Bounty

    Been vaping a few months and hear a lot about this juice. What exactly is Bobas Bounty? I see reviews saying it is like oatmeal cookies and others say graham crackers. What is the mystique with this juice?
  6. cignewton

    Clearomizer look idea

    No doubt this suggestion may raise eyebrows from those with the big mod rigs but I have an idea for an improvement on the appearance of the clearomizers. I would love to see a version that was opaque except for a thin strip where I could see the liquid level. I have an eGo with ce4's and think...
  7. cignewton

    TFA Espresso

    Got some Flavors Apprentice Espresso. Mixing at 20% and flavorless. If this is so weak for vaping how could you use it to bake a batch of cookies or use it in some other food product?