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  1. 20ozjolt

    Retired the k-100 new goodies arrived.

    Got it all for 130 brand new well not counting the mutation x v1 that at mutation is why I had to retire the old work horse started going way sub ohm with it and it killed the contact points and spring of the k100.... Started playing between .5 and .1 ohms so for these I went all copper and...
  2. 20ozjolt

    RDA RTA O ring sets?

    I'm having difficulty finding the o rings I need for my attys wondering where I can by a large set of o rings that are small enough to fit the various Arttys ... The local Hardware stores selections are all to large in diameter thanks !
  3. 20ozjolt

    What are your favorite citrus flavors?

    Citrus flavors have become my favorite flavors to such an extent I bought 120 mL of an orange citrus flavor from a local vendor. and other bitter / sour flavors like granny Smith apples, grapefruit, citrus mix... I'm wondering what other flavors do I need to try what are the must the vapes of...
  4. 20ozjolt

    now that's better!!!

    just trying my first refills with US made juice and wow, bloody brilliant! , what a difference over pre-filled. Now i need new batterys I'm hitting the auto 5 second time out all the time. thanks NWvapers for the juice and amazing service. cant wait to order more and try other suppliers...
  5. 20ozjolt

    Howdy and...

    hi. any one figure out Portland area meetups? and why are all the threads closed? :blink:
  6. 20ozjolt

    what vaporizers are made in the USA?

    Title sums it up. Sorry if it's been covered before I'm on my phone and the battery is dying.
  7. 20ozjolt

    time for an upgrade.....?

    so its been 12 or 13 days sense I started with the e-cig and I`m noticing the limits of my cig2o (KR808D-1 I guess) i love that its so much like a cigarette, I even find my self trying to ash it when in conversation. but a few things that are not doing it 1 vapor production, one of my...
  8. 20ozjolt

    cleaning new cartomizers?

    howdy all, quite new to vaping so I bought a cig2o and have been doing very well at not smoking the "real" ones. but the flavor choices at the store suck, and I ended up with some carts that I just cant vape. I read a bunch and found instructions on cleaning out used ones, so I did the...