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  1. 20ozjolt

    Super-T discontinuing production of all vaping products

    Always wanted a super t 18650 I'll have to get a used one now.... Sad Such great mods.... Always loved the design and engineering he put into them this blows
  2. 20ozjolt

    Dated Mech Mods

    No idea what this guy is But it's definitely dated the spring and contact points are all too small anything below one ohm and the switch heats up and burns your finger also had to constantly sand the contact points to keep it firing
  3. 20ozjolt

    Retired the k-100 new goodies arrived.

    I've been using the 4nine as my carry around mod and it has starred a patina the Vigo clone is now my at home single coil flavor mod and as a couple spots I will probable dig out the metal polish soon when it's more. I love the simplicity of the 4nine hybrid cap and the free floating mag switch...
  4. 20ozjolt

    Retired the k-100 new goodies arrived.

    Got it all for 130 brand new well not counting the mutation x v1 that at mutation is why I had to retire the old work horse started going way sub ohm with it and it killed the contact points and spring of the k100.... Started playing between .5 and .1 ohms so for these I went all copper and...
  5. 20ozjolt

    RDA RTA O ring sets?

    I'm having difficulty finding the o rings I need for my attys wondering where I can by a large set of o rings that are small enough to fit the various Arttys ... The local Hardware stores selections are all to large in diameter thanks !
  6. 20ozjolt

    How many setups have you been through?

    Started on a Cig2O cigarette look-alike, then E-go clones, went back to smoking after they all crapped out on me Now I'm running an Empire clone, and a box mod a friend built....looking forward to my first US made MOD
  7. 20ozjolt

    What are your favorite citrus flavors?

    Citrus flavors have become my favorite flavors to such an extent I bought 120 mL of an orange citrus flavor from a local vendor. and other bitter / sour flavors like granny Smith apples, grapefruit, citrus mix... I'm wondering what other flavors do I need to try what are the must the vapes of...
  8. 20ozjolt

    Brick and Morter near Beaverton?

    There is a new store in Beaverton 12450 SE 1st Street Beaverton Oregon 97005 the owner is very nice but rater new to vaping check it out offer advice help it grow!
  9. 20ozjolt

    Okay I now have the AGA Tiamat PLUS w/Glass Tank . . . say what?????

    wow thanks for posting this all the info i needed in one spot
  10. 20ozjolt

    Is it easier to transition from analogs if using tobacco flovored juice, or fruit/dessert/etc flavors?

    I started with 24mg and 18 mg tobacco flavor, now fruit and citrus flavors, hardly even touch the tobacco ones anymore. I do have like 6 coffees in the mail... cant wait, a member advised using them to balance out the sweet stuff and after four days of only the fruit I understand why....
  11. 20ozjolt

    Vape Etiquette

    I try to not do it inside when in public.... by try: sometimes I'll be enjoying a vape and forget to put it away as im walking in.... kinda embarrassing, my coworker had a laugh about it today...
  12. 20ozjolt

    you've spent what?

    um... 2 cig2o starters $42 cartos: 3. 5 packs pre-filled (flavored) $39 1. 5pack and 1. 3 pack pre-filled tobacco $21 flavors / juice: lots of vapor $28 NW vapors $20 parts ect blunt needle & plunger, and plunger for cleaning $5 adapters $2 carto tank $10 case $5 tot: $172 I should have...
  13. 20ozjolt

    So, My Thread Was Closed For Criticizing Video Reviewers

    I'm guessing it was closed because you approached out on a "f all these phonies" rant instead of a "I have watched these reviewers and would like alternatives" ... be polite and you will get helpful information.
  14. 20ozjolt

    Pictures of your setup

    simple beginners stuff...
  15. 20ozjolt

    now that's better!!!

    oh come tax return I'm buying at least one mod.... that ihybrid Celtic looks sweet, so does super T`s stuff .... the boat sailed on my cig 2 o looking like a cigarette... there was an incident with sand paper... and an adapter... and a tank....
  16. 20ozjolt

    What Flavor Are you Vaping Right Now?

    Orange Citrus, by NWvapers
  17. 20ozjolt

    now that's better!!!

    a cig2o starter kit
  18. 20ozjolt

    now that's better!!!

    just trying my first refills with US made juice and wow, bloody brilliant! , what a difference over pre-filled. Now i need new batterys I'm hitting the auto 5 second time out all the time. thanks NWvapers for the juice and amazing service. cant wait to order more and try other suppliers...
  19. 20ozjolt

    Brick and Morter near Beaverton?

    I would like info on this as well is Northwest Vapors the only thing in the "area" ?