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    new 2012 events

    what are the events or meets happening this year? anyone know? all i know about is vapercon, is that it?
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    any High Desert vapers here?

    rosamond here
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    whats the best way to get the glue off of a boge 510 carto?

    i got a carto tank, and i have a ton of boge 510s that work great with it. but i haven't found a good way to get the glue from the sticker off of the carto. anyone have any suggestions.
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    thinking about having a meetup in the Anelope Valley

    anyone else? come on people
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    thinking about having a meetup in the Anelope Valley

    i live near lancaster, so i don't know santa clarita, but i would go there for a meet up. i am trying to get a few guys at work to commit, but we work some different shifts. lets keep the conversation going, anyone know a good place in santa clarita?
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    thinking about having a meetup in the Anelope Valley

    anyone up for a meetup in the A.V.? I'm thinking in Lancaster or Palmdale, but I am up for suggestions. let me know where you are and when you want to do this. I know a few people at work that want to do this.
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    looking for a good DIY, RY4 flavoring

    anyone know any good DIY, RY4 flavoring? I have tried to mix some myself, and can't seem to get a good mix i like.
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    Flavor West Tobacco's

    virginia fire cured, i like, but everyone around me can't stand the smell. they say it smells like cat pee, lol tastes good though.
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    question abou high voltage attys

    I am going to get a high voltage device. what ohms are for what volts? Madvapes has 4ohm, 4.5ohm, 5ohm. what are best for 6 volt and 7.4 volt? i use an ego and a screwdriver with a LR atty now.
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    vegas sep 16-17 At th flamingo hotel. I think
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    New Southern Ca. Store!

    I took a trip from Lancaster CA, all the way down to E-Cig City in Laguna Beach, 140 miles, lol. Good prices, good selection, good atmospere, good conversation. He let me sample as many liquids as i wanted, talked about flavors and such, and i spent a little money. I only have one...
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    New in town

    what could it hurt to try fingers crossed
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    USA mix flavoring

    for anyone that wants to know is the only place, other than totally wicked, that i have been able to find this. and it is a pretty good price. 3.99 10 mil 9.99 40 mil...
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    USA mix flavoring

    thanks for the info i will check that out
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    USA mix flavoring

    sorry flavoring not premixed liquid i'm looking for DIY flavoring USA mix
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    USA mix flavoring

    I am looking for a USA mix flavoring. I bought one from Totaly Wicked (10ml) for like 8 bucks, anyone know where i can get it for cheaper? laserholic
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    I'm new and just wanted to say hi.

    hi all i an new to the ECF i have been vaping for about 2 1/2 months now laserholic