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  1. asharru

    I give up on this site for now

    I'm having a rough time adjusting too. I think I just need to spend some time poking around with the settings to see if I can change the layout and colors. Like a lot of you already said, I'll get used to it eventually. Far too much information on here for me to give up completely.
  2. asharru

    US Vape Mail Ban - USPS/FedEx/UPS/DHL

    I've had one sitting at JFK since the 29th. I swear they move faster in China these days than here in the states.
  3. asharru

    Saving a ton via rta

    So I just started building again as I'm tired of dipping in to my stash of pre-builts. I'll need them for when I'm old(er) and blind. Dude, they're less than a buck for me and SO much better. I need to quit being so lazy. The reality is that it MAYBE takes ten minutes to build, lasts at least as...
  4. asharru

    I Quit Vaping after Nine Years

    Thank you for being so thoughtful! I'll leave you with this: cum hoc ergo propter hoc
  5. asharru

    I Quit Vaping after Nine Years

    My glycol goes into a closet with all my mixing stuff until I feel motivated to get off my behind and cook.
  6. asharru

    I Quit Vaping after Nine Years

    In these forum I typically look for information related to building, mixing, buying, and what not...if I need medical information I certainly don't come here for it. I don't really see anyone being at all defensive. I think most, if not all of us by now, are well aware there may be risks...
  7. asharru

    I Quit Vaping after Nine Years

    I think it's weird that someone who haven't been here in years decided to come back and tell everyone this stuff. I mean like, congrats I guess, but who are you again?
  8. asharru


    I order stuff from FastTech all the time, and have for about 5 years now. Probably around 40ish times. I've never had a problem, but it does require patience(about 3-4 weeks worth). The only time there was an issue was in the beginning of covid. I had a package take a ridiculous amount of time...
  9. asharru

    Cracked Glass on Hadron

    Hi, I'm looking for any help or suggestions for my busted Hadron 220. I messaged Steam Crave, but honestly don't expect to hear back. My Hadron fell off my nightstand and the corner of the glass that is on top of the screen has a small crack. It still works just fine but I would like to repair...
  10. asharru

    Battery wrap peeling

    I look at it as a better safe than sorry situation. If my wrap has as much as just a small nick in it, I peel and replace it with a new one. Until I started vaping I never knew that the housing of a lithium-ion battery was its negative post. Once I understood that, I understood why it's...
  11. asharru

    US Vape Mail Ban - USPS/FedEx/UPS/DHL

    I also found that on my phone(android) if I switch from mobile to desktop mode in my web browser during check out, that it allows me to pay using PayPal instead of having to buy gift cards. Freaking bizarre I tells ya!
  12. asharru

    Show Off Your Stabwoods Thread

    Indeed...very sad. I'm super glad I got one of their pocket knives while I had the chance. I loved their stuff, and their sales were the best!
  13. asharru

    Where have all the Vapers Gone?

    I lurk more than I post, but I stop in at least once a day whenever I'm winding down for the night. This has been, and remains, my place to find out the majority of my vaping information. I stumbled upon this forum when I first made the switch many years ago now, and it's been been a constant...
  14. asharru

    US Vape Mail Ban - USPS/FedEx/UPS/DHL

    I think you'll be fine. I've had multiple packages from fasttech come through Compton via dhl/usps in the last couple weeks, including one today, and all have been left in my mailbox no problem whatsoever.
  15. asharru

    Need help finding an APV that works with Nautilus tank

    $37.99 (Free Shipping) Authentic GeekVape Aegis Solo 100W TC VW APV Box Mod (Aegis Solo, Red Blue) at I know it's more power than you need, but I suggest it for a few reasons. It's built like a tank, it uses a removable 18650, and geekvape is usually pretty good about having...
  16. asharru

    21700 Mods

    I have the Hadron and I like it a lot. It's large, heavy, and well built. I use the Glaz V2 tank that it came with, which I like too...but I don't leave the house with it often since it's so freaking big. It's an excellent setup when I'm knocking about the homestead though. I have a quad 18650...
  17. asharru

    Zeus Tank Burnt Coils?

    I've been using the same Zeus Z1 for over two weeks with some pretty dark liquids(coffee and granola cream). I vaped 120ml of the granola before switching, and the coil is still going strong. However I only vape between 45-55ish watts. Historically Smok tfv8 and knockoff coils are the only one's...
  18. asharru

    Fastech Trainwreck

    August 18, 2020, 2:40 pm Arrived at USPS Regional Facility STAMFORD CT DISTRIBUTION CENTER Your item arrived at our USPS facility in STAMFORD CT DISTRIBUTION CENTER on August 18, 2020 at 2:40 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. August 17 16:40In transit - Arrived at the...
  19. asharru

    Fastech Trainwreck

    Ain't that the truth. Think I would have learned by now.
  20. asharru

    Fastech Trainwreck

    Zoid you're one of my favorite posters, but I have to chime in that I agree with Daniel. When these issues first started, I too thought it was china post. But over time what I believe, at least in my case, is that things are getting hung up at customs for the majority of my packages. My packages...