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    Soon to be a new Reo owner

    Hi all, Just thought I would stop in and say hi. I just ordered my first Reo and cant wait for it to be delivered. Anyhow I have appreciated all the information on this subforum. Thanks for everyone's input on here.
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    Anyone around the Hillsboro area with RDA experience?

    Hey all, I am getting back into vaping and was hoping to find someone in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area with a decent amount of RDA experience that would be willing to help someone out. I have a good understanding of electronics, but just hoping to find someone with a few different RDA's to talk...
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    Getting back on the e-cig train

    Hi all, I am finally getting back onto the e-cigs and off the analogs, again. My how things have progressed since the last time I used and e-cig (2009/10). Looking forward to kicking the habbit again. Thanks to the forum for all the information....again.
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    Love to be smoke free

    Well I have a sucess in my own right. I quit smoking entirely on 3/10 and have been vaping since. To add to this I went out drinking on Fri and Sat night (which has always been my downfall to quitting) and I vaped all night with no urge to have an analog. I just wanted to share and say thanks...
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    In need of Eliquid help

    Hello all, Thanks again for all the help so far. I am looking for a place to purchase flavored liquid (No Nic) for vaping when I don't have the nic craving. I have looked on the forum (search doesn't work) with no luck. I would like to possibly mix my own juice with nic if I want to. Where...
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    Just got my 510. Couple of questions

    Hello, I just received my 510 from cignot and tired the prefilled cart which was extra high nic level and filled my own cart with 26mg menthol. Both seem to taste really harsh on my throat and seem to have a almost burnt flavor. Is this normal? I have other juice on the way. Just wanted to...
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    Need Help with best price on a 510

    Hello All, I have been lurking here and reading for a couple of weeks. All I can say is thank you so much for the information. I am new to the the E-cigarette world. My question is where can I find the best price for a Joye 510? This is the model I have decided to start with. Thanks in...