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  1. mariahpoo

    You got e juice! Thats afforable juice!

    Vanilla custard and cinnamon bun. Super affordable juice!
  2. mariahpoo

    3 more grayscale liquids e juice reviews

    Strawberry lemonade, blueberry lemonade, and Slomi Royal
  3. mariahpoo

    Velocity 2 review!

    Velocity v2 by tobeco (clone) :)
  4. mariahpoo

    Mr Fritter by cuttwood!

    Back to doing reviews solo. :) Jere is the newest from cuttwood! Friggin yum. :vapor:
  5. mariahpoo

    Unicorn milk by cuttwood omg so good

    Freakin yum people! Strawberries and cream yummy yum yum goodness. Vape it up yum! :vapor:
  6. mariahpoo

    Im back!!! Review of puff-u budda butter + giveaway

    I now do videos with a friend. And my new show is called #2chicks1vape vape on! This vidis for a yummy vape called budda butter. Its a custard cream strawberry flavor. Plus at the end of the vid is how to enter and get a 30ml.
  7. mariahpoo

    My pluid and Agent orange cane yesterday!

    So happy! I am just waiting for my syringe so that I can fill and taste. I did smell them. And it was not at all the smell I was expecting. I expected heavy licorice. But I smelled some sort of mint, other herbs and then licorice/ anise. Also a hint of some sort of citrus. My DH is going to do...
  8. mariahpoo

    Should get some juice and tank today AND other great news!

    This day cannot get any more fantastic! I have juice coming a tank and I got a + pregnancy test this morning! For those of you who didn't know my husband and I have been trying for 5 years. :) :laugh:
  9. mariahpoo

    So it has been a while since I was around daily... what happened to JV here?

    Their name auto edits so I am sure there is a good story there. I am just curious mind you. I don't want to start anything. But they must have done something bad or at the least POed the site somehow. lol
  10. mariahpoo

    Another possibly hard vape juice flavor to find

    ISO a rich and creamy Mocha flavored vape. I have heard about kona milk shake from VV... this will not do. 1. I am not too keen on their flavors as of late. 2. Even if they had a true mocha (with chocolate) I HATE the chocolate flavor they use. It is god awful stuff to me. So it needs to be a...
  11. mariahpoo

    What is up wth chocolate vapes?

    I have NEVER had a chocolate vape that was even close to decent. They all taste like that fake chocolate. Or how the old scratch and sniff stickers that were chocolate scented smelled. Freakin gross. I just remembered one that was okay which was chocolate covered almonds by JV. But other then...
  12. mariahpoo

    who has a great peanut butter cookie?

    A thought occurred to me. I love sweet vapes. And I love peanut butter vapes (when done right). And peanut can be VERY rank if it is just slightly off. But I think the sweetness helps the peanut vape. I am just imagining a nice warm peanut butter cookies in a vape... and it sounds divine! So...
  13. mariahpoo

    Opinions needed.

    I have some juices coming that I ordered for the experience. I have 2 samples coming to me that were a gift from a fellow ecf member (MANY thanks! it was super awesome of you!), and another that I just really wanted to try. All in all they are as follows: Night Shift- Velvet cloud vapor Pluid-...
  14. mariahpoo

    Agent Orange, what does it taste like?

    I cannot find a review on it besides youtube... but have not had a chance to watch them. So... I should say I have not found a written review, or even a description. I have some coming. I figured it was available and they donate to families effected by Agent Orange, so why not. But I am very...
  15. mariahpoo

    Oh man... don't tell my husband.

    I just saw Pluid become available over at vapewatch. I had no choice but to buy it. And Agent orange. I couldn't help myself. I will be doing reviews on these 2 epic level juices. And if I don't like them they will be up for trades. Now please someone give me a link to an ultra low cost glass...
  16. mariahpoo

    I have become one of "those" self righteous quitters.

    And I hate it. I try to keep it to my self as best as I can, but cig smoke really really bothers me. Even outside. Oh and heaven forbid is someone is outside my house smoking. It get sucked into my swamp cooler and fills the whole freakin house. I tell as many people as I can about ecigs. And I...
  17. mariahpoo

    Back to it! My vermillion applewood came today.

    I am so freakin happy. I have tons of juices... but was not vaping. Why... well I was out of my very favoritest juice of all times. :) Yup thats right. Vermillion Rivers Applewood. This stuff is so damn good. I do fall in love with other flavors from time to time. But nothing has the lasting go...
  18. mariahpoo

    Where do I get the Pluid and the other knock offs?

    I have not been around... so I am all out of wack. Where do I get the Pluid and or the other knock offs???
  19. mariahpoo

    Yo... it's the mariahpoo!

    I do not see a lot of familiar names around... Did I leave for too long or something? Anywho... I am getting into vaping again. I go through periods where I do not vape at all. Then I get around a smoker or another vaper and I will vape. But I recently got contacted by Eon smoke to try out and...
  20. mariahpoo

    Alice in Vapeland Footprints in the Jello

    This is one of the testing juices