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  1. Uma

    Lawmakers on the take

    If not vaccines, then, pray tell, what other issue would BP grease their palms for? (Vaping?) (Btw, thousands of parents, teachers, doctors, attended and opposed, to no avail. And no it is not about the vaccines, it's about the FORCED to comply that is being fought, so back off we're not...
  2. Uma

    Alibaba #1, beats amazon & eBay

    Alibaba stock market ranks higher than Amazon & eBay. Alibaba stock market flotation values it higher than Amazon or eBay | Business | The Guardian While political agendas keep blocking American Vendors. Imagine that.
  3. Uma

    Engadget article "what you need to know about vaporizers"

    A much needed and well deserved treat. Enjoy!
  4. Uma

    AJ show dr. Group

    Dr. Group on the Alex jones show is parroting the antifreeze propaganda too. :mad: youtu .be/ xXBmcrqPfL8 These Toxins May Be Deteriorating Your Lung's Health - YouTube I broke the link, and it still reads like it works, but it doesn't. It's a David Knight episode (whom I respect). Just...
  5. Uma

    The sophisticated protesters

    I ran across this article that uplifted me. . Rest assured, sweet Vapers, you are not abandoned in your fight like the ANTZ want you to believe. Why Home Bars are Hot with New Yorkers Now | New York Observer (vaping, smoking, same principle, same collective grouping, same demonizing, same...
  6. Uma

    Positive and sensible

    A positive and sensitive video by "Libertarian Girl". Enjoy!Regulators Can't Ban E-Cigarettes Fast Enough | Ron Paul Channel
  7. Uma

    THR research

    BAT has been doing serious research on THR.
  8. Uma

    Vaping wars video?

    Are there any YouTube videos describing (short & sweet) the war on vaping? Id love to see many fact filled, yet entertaining, tutorials of how & why to help us win this fight against corruption. The whiteboard guy comes to mind. Here's one but there are other apps Video Scribe Instructional...
  9. Uma

    Caffeine on deck

    Looks like the ANTZ don't care too much for the truths that nicotine in eCigs is only a little more addictive than caffeine. The tax-hoes love the ANTZ, yeh they do. I don't know about you, but I see taxes looming on the horizon. One speaker explained what addiction means, but of course...
  10. Uma


    Well, well, well, it's not in our collective cynical minds. It's real. How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online | Big Brother Watch - YouTube
  11. Uma

    Smokes down, profits up

    Reynolds American 4Q profit more than doubles - Yahoo Finance the less cigs sold, the more profit the BT makes, due to not having to pay the legal fees. One commenter discussed the Master Settlement agreement, which sheds more light. Gotta love it. The article also mentions vaping, btw...
  12. Uma


    Ever notice that we Vapers are constantly bombarded with fight threads about vaping in public, vaping at home, vaping because it's safer, ... While meanwhile the ANTZ are busy scurrying emails, letters, footSoldiers off to every town, city, county, state, school, university? Distractions...
  13. Uma

    Victoria Ordin blog post

    Beautifully articulated factual blog by Victoria Ordin What Democrats Need to Know about E-Cigarettes and the Recent NYC and Chicago Bans on Usage - Victorian Chick on the Patch - Lincoln Park, IL Patch
  14. Uma

    Don't ban online sales

    Petition to ban the Online sales & Transporting of eCigs in Calif. This Bill is courtesy of senator DICKenson.
  15. Uma

    Remove ecig bans from universities

    I just found this one at Let's lift the university bans so that ex-smokers don't light up for a quickie. Snus & eCigs are paramount, the other is questionable, but I'm not a judge, nor jury, so I let it ride...
  16. Uma

    Pffffft izer exposed again

    This article exposes the p word company. Apparently, eCigs are FDA approved afterall. :vapor: Pfizer's E-Cigarette Exposed! | Minnesota Vapers AdvocacyMinnesota Vapers Advocacy
  17. Uma

    Catching a second wind

    Sometimes I get smothered in fatigue from fighting the same stupidity & morbidity on such a daily basis. During these times, it's of course, important to rest a little. While resting today, (today I quit again, to never ever not ever return to the fray), I accidentally caught a much bigger...
  18. Uma


    Here's a new one. Imprisoning smokers, and of course Vapers because vaping is lumped up with smoking. Prison for Smokers, Permits for Strippers! (Nanny of the Month, Jan '13) - Anybody who has ever seen war time documentaries on Japan, Germany, will know what they do to prisoners...
  19. Uma

    Visitors who wish to help

    Is there or will there be a page on where visitors can get clued in & geared up, to help us fight? Family & friends need an easy, step x step plan on help to help before they are exposed to the suffocating nitty gritty of what smothers even the daily fighters. When you go to a site...
  20. Uma

    A thanks to the independent media!

    This is just one interview, out of many out there, about how the media works. It's so obvious to us, yet hearing it from an investigative journalist who worked for CNN really brings it home. I hope it empowers you, like it did me. I really admire her & all the brave souls that stand up for...