2 in 1 suggestions?


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Jan 25, 2009
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By "2-in-1" I'm assuming you mean both dry herb and concentrates. I don't know about the Pax 3 but I have the Xmax V3 Pro (POTV version). It's a bit long for pocket carry but I don't carry it around anyway. At least it has a replaceable 18650 battery. Works well enough for flower but not ideal for concentrates.

I also have the POTV Lobo which also has a replaceable battery. It costs a bit more but has a larger oven chamber. It is also more compact, about the size and shape of your average box mod.

None of the portable dry herb vapes I have seen or used is ideal for concentrates though. They don't really get hot enough to be efficient. Maybe a Dynavap, but they are butane powered (torch) unless you also buy an induction heater.

I don't use concentrates much but I have a Boundless Terp Pen and a Yocan Orbit for those. Both are relatively cheap and work fine if you are only an occasional concentrate user like me.

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