20% off all day New Year's Eve 31st December

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20% off all day New Year's Eve 31st December
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Intellicig.com 20% sale New Year's Eve 31st December 2011

The Intellicig New Year special!

The New Year is nearly with us and is traditionally a time when many smokers try to kick the habit. Quitting can be difficult, but making the transition to a less harmful alternative has been the intelligent choice for many thousands of our customers.

This New Year’s Eve we would like to offer you a whopping 20% Discount on all of the Intellicig products on our website. You can stock up ready for the New Year, or buy an Intellicig as a gift for a loved one who wants to make the change.

New Year's resolutions often don't last long, but with Intellicig on your side you can achieve what once might have seemed impossible. Giving an Intellicig to a loved one or friend who smokes is one of the nicest things you could do for New Year.

To all those who have bought an Intellicig, have a lovely holiday and enjoy the company
of family and friends inside in the warm. To those who haven't, come on in from the cold
and experience the freedom that the socially-acceptable Intellicig can offer you.

The Intellicig New Year Special! 31st December.

We want your feedback!
We always listen to our customers - be it questions, comments, concerns or feedback! We'd really appreciate your thoughts on how your order was handled and how we can improve our service in the future. Complete our quick customer survey to help us serve you better.

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Shining Wit

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Oct 11, 2008
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Nice special!

Do you guys still carry Genie batteries in *black* color?

I was trying to order, but only Atom is available in black. could you please confirm?

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Black Genies are now back in stock and will be added back in as an option asap.

Meanwhile, just order an Atom and add a comment that you want a Genie.
I will see your order when it comes through and will make sure you get the Genie, promise!

Happy New Year
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