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3/24/24 - BREAKING: UCSF cessation study, RI & Santa Clara CA *hrngs*, Sonoma CA tenant ban?, poison frenzy (NYT,UT); UAE + US: RI,NJ,PA,MI,IL,AR,MN,

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Jan 19, 2014
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[ Just paste broken links shown in purple directly into your browser - the extra line doesn't matter. Pls. PM me if you have more recent info. about proposed/actual legislation, if you think I've missed an important story, or if you want more tweaks to the formatting program. ]

1) UCSF tobacco Control Reearch Inst releases new junk study that claims that vaping may not help with cessation. (See Dr. Siegel's analysis, plus Reuters and LA Times stories below.)

2) Santa Clara Co. CA considers vaping=smoking ban on (?) Tues. See story below, date is unclear.

3) Sonoma CA considering banning smoking (and vaping?) in multi-unit apt. buildings.

4) MN's SF 2027, a vaping=smoking ext. of its clean indoor air act that would ban indoor and outdoor vaping wherever smoking is prohbited is now ready for the sen. floor.

5) RI's hearings on HB 7021 (unreasonable purchasing license requiremnts) begin Weds 4:30p.

6) Frenzy over poison control call stories continues - NYT article + UT health dep't releases its own alarmist statistics.

7) Philadelphia vote on vaping=smoking indoor/outdoor vaping ban expected Thurs.

8) Genessee co. MI co. supervisors "ask" health dep't to draft ord.

9) Fremont CA unanimously passess 2-year extension for moratorium on new vape stores and vape lounges: minor gateway-to-tobacco argument cited.

10) NJ assembly budget chair rejects Gov. Christie's proposal to tax vaping at a comparable rate to the $2.70/pack tobacco cigarette tax, but this is by no means the end in NJ.

11) Vaping is still out in the U.A.E.

12) Vaping=smoking ord. tabled in Harrison AR (status is uncertain).

Coverage UAE, US States: RI, NJ, PA, MI, IL, AR, MN, MT, UT, CA

Also: C.V. Phillips' response to the NYT "selling poison by the barrel" piece; Dr. Siegel analzyes another junk science study from UCSF's Center for Tobacco Control and discusses yet another health professional who argues that vaping may be more dangerous than smoking; Gary Cox has some interesting observations for vaping air travellers; insightful piece from a UK vaper on an ind. advertising site.



Collections (at end) cover recurring media stories, as well as old news plus cloned/syndicated or knocked-off pieces that gradually propagate through various outlets.

1) COLLECTION 1: NYT "selling poision by the barrel" story syndicaations & knock-offs.

2) COLLECTION 2: UT state health dep't poision control center call story AP syndications

3) COLLECTION 3: Misc. recent studies.



Title: New York Times goes "more at 11:00" with story on ecigs and poisoning
(C.V. Phillips' blog)
New York Times goes “more at 11:00″ with story on ecigs and poisoning | Anti-THR Lies and related topics
C.V. Phillips on the pathetic NYT story.

Title: The New York Times Warns That Drinking E-Cigarette Fluid Could Become a Fatal Fad Among Toddlers
(Nat'l US conservative blog site)
The New York Times Warns That Drinking E-Cigarette Fluid Could Become a Fatal Fad Among Toddlers - Hit & Run : Reason.com
Jacob Sullum provides comparative statistics provided here for poison control center calls (etc.) from FDA-approved medications, as well as other analysis.

Title: Full steam ahead: The e-cigarette market is returning cigarette advertising to TV screens
(UK ind. advertising trade 'zine)
| The Drum
This thoughtful and fascinating junk-free piece by a vaper doesn't address the issue of advertising to any significant exent, but rather provides perspective on the nature of vaping as a "disruptive" technology.

Title: New Study on Electronic Cigarettes by UCSF Researchers is Not Only Bogus Science, But is Also Dishonest
(Dr. Siegel's blog)
Another junk science study done by UCSF's tobacco control center. This time, it's cessation.

Title: Another Tobacco Control Practitioner Tells Public that Smoking May Be No More Harmful than Vaping
(Dr. Siegel's blog)
Title says it all. Refers to statements made by a respiratory therapist.

Title: Bill Godshall Update 2014-03-20
(Bill Godshall's site)
Bill Godshall Update 2014-03-20
Bill's recent updates page for news/regulation/etc.

Title: The Vaping-Friendly Skies?
(ECF's InfoZone)
The Vaping-Friendly Skies? - ECF InfoZone
Apparently Ryan Air allows vaping on board, and to your Correspondent's astonishment it seems that seven US airports have still not yet banned indoor vaping (most have prohibited vaping anywhere on their property, even in private vehicles). Gary also makes some other interesting observations about vaping for air travellers.



Title: UAE’s Ministry of Health rejects requests to lift ban on e-cigarettes
(Abu Dhabi UAE local paper) http://www.thenational

At the request of some store owners, national officials reviewed the status of vaping:
"Officials noted that such products have not been proven to be safe and so their sale cannot be allowed in the UAE. The ban is part of the ministry’s efforts to fight all forms of smoking and tobacco, officials said, noting the World Health Organisation also advises against e-cigarettes, and GCC States prohibit the circulation of e-cigarette and electronic shisha pipes." (para break omitted)"
(Cigarettes and pipe tobacco are still legal to buy and use in the UAE.)



{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes
(US nat'l paper) http://www.nytimes

See C.V. Phillip's comments above. Knockoffs/syndications in collection 1, at the end of this post.

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Electronic cigarettes may not help people stop smoking: study
(Reuters) http://www.reuters

See Dr. Siegel's analysis above. He's quoted in the article.



Title: Rhode Island E-Cig Regulations Bill Hearing Wednesday 3/26
(Spinfuel vaping blog) http://blog.spinfuel

RI hearings on HB 7021 begin Weds at 4:15pm. No junk.
[ See CASAA call on RI:
CASAA: Call to Action! Rhode Island Bills Impose 80% Tax on E-Cigarettes and Unreasonable Requirements for Online Sales



Title: NJ Assembly budget chairman says no to tax on electronic cigarettes
(Newark NJ US local paper) http://www.nj

'After hearing from a string of witnesses who spoke against the proposed tax at a budget committee hearing today as well as a previous hearing, Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic) said he and the committee's members -- Democrats and Republicans -- opposed it. 'You and your colleagues seem to have caught us in the spirit of bipartisanship,' Schaer, a smoker who occasionally uses electronic cigarettes, said. 'It seems that both sides of the aisle find the governor's tax pretty -- not what we want. Your testimony, combined with so many others, has really given us a very important perspective.' [para breaks omitted, boldface added]"
(Looks like a good job was done by the opposition - congrates to ECF/CASAA's own Bill Godshall and Greg Conley.)
Story notes that the fight is by no means over - Assembly speaker Prieto isn't taking a position, and a bill has been introduced in the Sen.

[ NJ's house bill A1080 was originally proposed as a ban on tobacco smoking in parks and beaches, but was immediately ammended to include vaping as soon as it got on to the house floor. See: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...ng-all-public-parks-beaches.html#post12349761
Also, Gov. Christie says he wants to tax vaping at the same rate as analogs, and S1867 has been introduced in the Sen. for that purpose:
CASAA: Call to Action! New Jersey's Governor Christie is Proposing a Tax on E-Cigarettes at the Same Rate as Combustible Cigarettes



Title: Up in vapor: E-cigarettes could be banned from bars, work this week
(Boston MA US local paper - re. Philadelphia PA) http://www.metro

Brief report notes that a final decision from Philadelphia's city council will come Thurs. ECF denizens are likely aware that little hope exists for a sensible decision, although it's presently uncertain whether the result will be unanimous. Predictably, Councilman Geenlee is quoted as saying that there are "no documented facts" about what's in a PV or the effects on bystanders. Article also contains some interesting observations by Jason Healy, of Blu (now owned by Lorillard), including the turn of phrase: "Sheep in wolf's clothing."
The good news about Pennsylvania is that SB 1055 is out of the senate and ready for the house - it's a simple minor sales/possession prohibition, and no other threats exist presently at the state level.



{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Rules requested for e-cigarettes in Genesee County
(Ann Arbor/Flint/GR MI US local paper collection site) http://www.mlive

"'We've got a void in the regulation of this product,' [co. health officer] Valacak told commissioners last week, noting state and federal regulations on e-cigarettes have yet to be adopted. 'We could pass an ordinance ... We could regulate this item.' E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional tobacco. The devises vaporize a liquid that contains nicotine and creates a vapor but not smoke. County board Chairman Jamie Curtis told Valacak to work with county attorneys to draft the proposed rules but commissioners were not specific about how far he should go. The health officer did not indicate what he specifically will recommend to commissioners but said the e-cigarette industry is 'clearly trying to target' those under 18 years old with 'slick marketing' of the product. [para breaks omitted, boldface added]"
This is part of a growing trend around the country - local officials are asking their health dep'ts to draft ord.s and/or the other way around. Your Correspondent is betting that the health dep's are initiating the reqests. In MI, this is particularly likely to be true, because Gov. Snyder has asked the legislature for a bill that would do precisely what the ANTZ orgs desire - namely: tax, regulate, and define vaping products as cigarettes. Recently, Dr. Matthew Davis, the state "community health dir." has held a press conference stressing the need to do so, and the Gov. has said that he's "standing" with public health officials. However the latest is that the legislature isn't inclined to cooperate, so perhaps this trend is now moving to local jurisdictions.

[ MI appears to have several simple minor sales bans in the works - SB 667/8 and HB 4997 5007. SB 667/8 have passed the Sen. Most significantly, MI is under threat from HB 5393, which would effectively ban vaping sales entirely:

Title: Letter: Setting e-cigarettes up for taxation is misguided
(Lansing MI US local paper http://www.lansingstatejournal

Irate letter says what we all know. No junk.



Title: More turning to ‘vaping’ instead of smoking -
(Alton IL US local paper) http://www.thetelegraph

Brief report on local vape lounge and a couple of its denizens. Contains little junk except this:
"Regardless of the varied presentation, e-cigarettes may not be as innocent as some might immediately imagine. A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 76.3 percent of middle and high school students who used e-cigarettes within the past 30 days also smoked conventional cigarettes in the same period. The CDC study also found the percentage of U.S. middle and high school students who use e-cigarettes more than doubled from 2011 to 2012. Local statistics are not available because the trend is so new. Neither Madison County’s Health Department or the Illinois Department of Health has taken an official stance. (para breaks omitted, boldface added)"
(One has to wonder whether this has ominous portents for the town.)

[ IL currently considering two bills that require vaping supplies (but not non-cigarette tobacco) to be behind the counter, see: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...counter-exempts-tobacco-specialty-stores.html and one bill that would require special packaging: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...-e-cig-products-sold-il-protect-children.html Also worth watching: SB2659, which would ban smoking in cars containing a minor - however the definition doesn't currently include vaping (and is still in the Public Health Cmte, with a status of "postponed." See: Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for SB2659 And HB 689, which would mandate special packaging in order to protect children (which only has one sponsor at the moment: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...-e-cig-products-sold-il-protect-children.html ]



Title: Ban on indoor smoking of e-cigarettes headed to Minn. Senate floor
(Twin Cities MN US local paper) http://www.startribune

Brief report indicates that SF 2027 is ready for the sen. floor. No real junk, other than Sen Sheran's predictable assertion that vaping hasn't been "proven safe," as well as that of another Sen. (Ron Latz).
[ Threats in MN are: HF 1974: Minor sales ban and extends clean indoor act to cover vaping, still in 1st house cmte (health & human svcs), and may have ammended to remove the indoor clean air act ext (?).
SF SF 2027: Same as HF 1974, except indoor clean air act extension is still there. Out of sen. local gov't cmte, now in sen. commerce cmte. (last: 3/13)
For MN vapers updates, see: Minnesota Vapers Advocacy |Minnesota Vapers Advocacy
and the MN Vapers FB page for organizing: http://www.facebook.com/groups/MNVapersAdvocacy/
And: CASAA: Call to Action! Minnesota E-Cigarette Usage Ban



Title: E-cig ordinance fizzles in Harrison City Council committee
(Harrison AR US local paper) http://harrisondaily.com/news/e-cig-ordinance-fizzles-in-harrison-city-council-committee/article_0ca3c55e-b140-11e3-856c-001a4bcf887a

This is all I can find which isn't shielded by the paywall:
"Harrison City Council committees decided Thursday night to postpone any action on a proposed ordinance banning electronic cigarettes from any place where state law prohibits smoking tobacco, but not before discussion on both sides of the issue." [However, the local ed. told me two weeks ago that there has been some activism on the part of local vapers. So it's possible that this was tabled.]

[ Please PM me if you know of any legislation that's pending in AR. ]



Title: UPDATE: Louisiana Senate Takes Up E-Cigarette Bill
(W. Monroe LA US NBC affiliate) http://www.myarklamiss

Brief update to story says that LA's SB 12 is going to the full sen. Main story cites CDC minor junk.



{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Great falls couple advocates e-cig use
(Great Falls MT US local paper) http://www.greatfallstribune

Profile of a vape store owner and wife who quit smoking. No junk. Yesterday, this same paper ran a piece that contained a series of dreadful quotes from the city-county health official who suggested that vaping be avoided as a cessation/THR tool (along with other junk).
[ The MT legislature will not be back in session until 2015. ]



{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes sending more Utah kids to the hospital
(AP via Ogden UT US local paper) http://www.standard

Looks as if the UT health dep't wants to follow MN's example. As always the report says nothing about outcomes - it turns out that all we're talking about here are calls. No comparative statistics are given, either (as you might expect). Link in the story goes to a SLC ABC affiliate, which has a brief interview with Aaron Frazier, of UT vapers.
[ UT legislature will not be back in session until 2015. ]



{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Santa Clara County Looking into Regulating E-Cigarettes
(SF CA US NBC affiliate)
Bd of supervisors will consider ord that defines vaping as smoking and bans w/i 30 feet of any municipal building as well as parks, etc. Date for hearing is unclear from the article, local residents should contact the county. It appears that one vape store owner is already involved, but quite likely he would appreciate help (Great Vape, Inc.). Story contains FDA '09 junk ("contains carcinogens").
[ CA is under threat from a wide variety of legislation, such as an internet sales ban: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/fo...-shipment-e-cigarettes-anyone-california.html ]

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Sonoma eyes smoking ban on Plaza
(Sonoma CA US local paper) http://www.pressdemocrat

"Prodded by a concerned citizen and a grade of F on an American Lung Association report card of its efforts to restrict secondhand smoke, Sonoma is considering banning smoking in its historic Plaza. As Mayor Tom Rouse envisions it, the prohibition would extend to multi-unit housing complexes in the city of nearly 11,000 inhabitants. [para break omitted, boldface added]"
Although this story doesn't mention vaping, the council has voted 4-1 to ask staff to "study the proposal.

[Repost due to new title - first posted 3/16/14]
{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: EDITORIAL: Local governments must restrict e-cigarettes
(Fresno CA US local paper) http://www.fresnobee
Title: Editorial: Put brakes on unregulated e-cigarettes until they’ve been through proper review
(Sacramento CA US local paper) http://www.sacbee

SacBee readers won't be surprised by this editorial, which begins with the sentence: "Cigarettes kill. Everyone knows that, now." That basically sums up the entire piece: the writers are taking the position that this is just yet another type of cigarette, and BT has lead us down the primrose path before. We also hear this interesting junky tid-bit: "......, a prescription erectile dysfunction drug, has been detected in some e-cigarettes. In other instances, devices that claimed not to contain nicotine actually did." The one good thing I can say about that is the qualifier "some" is used. It's often omitted in a standard hit job piece. As in the sentence: "Salad vegatables contain salmonella." The incendiary conclusion: "... [a federal judge, in a 2006 decision relating to tobacco cigarettes] concluded the industry went out of its way to hook children on nicotine, all the while denying that its marketing was aimed at minors. Companies selling candy-flavored e-cigarettes are not marketing to adults. The tactic is a little too familiar."
(In other words, e-cigarettes are cigarettes - that's all we need to know.)
The article does cite Julie Woessner, CASAA's legislative director, and it's theoretically possible that there's junk known to the writers which has been intentionally omitted. But given the high standards and erudition for which the SacBee is known, your correspondent tends to doubt it.

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigs’ dangerous luring of youths [letter]
(Napa CA US local paper) http://napavalleyregister.com/news/opinion/mailbag/e-cigs-dangerous-luring-of-youths/article_02700d66-b2fa-11e3-96e9-001a4bcf887a

Virulent anti-vaping letter mixes history of tobacco smoking with vaping. Current response in the comments section is inadequate to say the least.

Title: Rossmoor Homeowners to host informational presentation on e-cigarettes
(Orange Co. CA US newspaper collection site) http://www.oc-breeze

Ostensibly the purpose of this meeting is:
"According to Sgt. Pixomatis of the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept., e-cigarette devices may become the new paraphernalia to abuse other drugs [besides a certain green leafy substance] as well.[...]The presentation topics include various types of e-cigarettes and how they work, prevalence in schools and community, dangers in using these types of devices, health concerns, prevention tips, and law enforcement’s approach.The presentation is open to the public and will be given by Drug Liaison deputies, professional staff from the Orange County Health Care Agency, and the Orange County Dept. of Education. A physician will be one of several speakers. [para breaks omitted, boldface added]"
(In other words, adults who attend will likely be warned about the alleged dangers of vaping, and advised not to use it themselves for THR/cessation. It seems that the Tobacco Control Industry's creativity knows few bounds, when it comes to finding creative ways to use children.)

Title: Researchers call for restrictions on e-cigarette claims
(LA CA US local paper) http://www.latimes

Authors of UCSF's Tobacco Control inst. study on vaping sites publish letter in JAMA Internal Medicine arguing:
"'Regulations should prohibit advertising, claiming or suggesting that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices until claims are supported by scientific evidence,' the researchers - Rachel Grana, Lucy Popova and Pamela Ling -- wrote. In an accompanying editorial, Dr. Michael Katz wrote, 'Unfortunately, the evidence on whether e-cigarettes help smokers to quit is contradictory and inconclusive.' He added that he agreed with the researchers about claims around quitting and said that e-cigarettes should be regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 'as a drug-delivery device.'[para breaks omitted, boldface added]"
Predictable junk in this article comes from their claims that vaping has no proven value as a THR/cessation tool.

Title: Fremont extends moratorium on e-cigarette retail stores and lounges for two years
(SJ CA US local paper)
Junk-free except for comment by council member on the minor-gateway-to-tobacco argument. Vote was unanimous. The eight current vape stores are allowed to continue to operate.
"Fremont staff members asked for the extra time to analyze the potential impacts of such new uses and determine if modifications are needed to the city's zoning ordinance or other sections of the municipal code, as well as to review existing studies and data on e-cigarette use and review regulations adopted by other jurisdictions."



See C.V. Phillips' Analysis, also linked above:
Title: New York Times goes "more at 11:00" with story on ecigs and poisoning
New York Times goes “more at 11:00″ with story on ecigs and poisoning | Anti-THR Lies and related topics

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Liquid Nicotine In E-Cigarettes Could Be Deadly
(US Nat'l News site) http://www.huffingtonpost

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes’ liquid drug can also kill
(Boston MA US local paper) http://www.bostonglobe

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Liquid in e-cigarettes blamed for poisonings
(Pittsburgh PA US local paper) http://www.post-gazette

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: Liquid Nicotine: Just a Teaspoon Could Kill
(Newsmaxx clone site US-based) http://www.newser

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes’ liquid drug can also kill
(Boston MA US local paper) http://www.boston



These are all syndicated clones or knockoffs of the original AP story, reviewed above. ECF readers will not be surprised to hear that the story was about poison control center calls - NOT ER or hospital visits.

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes send young kids to Utah hospitals
(AP via Wash. DC US local paper) http://www.washingtontimes

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes send young kids to Utah hospitals
(AP via Logan/Cache Valley [SW] UT US local news site) http://www.cachevalleydaily

{Comments posted to page containing this story, &/or e-mail to Editor would be helpful.}
Title: E-cigarettes send 79 kids to Utah hospitals
(AP via Seattle WA US local paper) http://www.seattlepi



Here are some studies that were reported on tobaccoquitter.com - however they no longer show detailed abstacts. I'm posting them here in the event that they're useful. Frequently one can get to the original study or at least an abstract by googling the authors and/or title, etc. The original publications will also often display an abstract to the general public.

Please reply to this post if you have a direct link to any of these.

1) E-cigarette Advertising Expenditures in the U.S., 2011-2012.
Am J Prev Med. 2014 Apr;46(4):409-12
Authors: Kim AE, Arnold KY, Makarenko O
BACKGROUND: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are growing in popularity, but little is known about the extent to which these products are advertised to consumers.

2) "Smoking revolution": a content analysis of electronic cigarette retail websites.
Am J Prev Med. 2014 Apr;46(4):395-403
Authors: Grana RA, Ling PM
BACKGROUND: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been increasingly available and
marketed in the U.S. since 2007. As patterns of product adoption are frequently driven and reinforced by...
[See story above in the Los Angeles Times, entitled: Researchers call for restrictions on e-cigarette claims]

3) Electronic cigarettes: 'safe' or a "pack of lies"?
Mo Med. 2014 Jan-Feb;111(1):82 Authors: Hagan JC PMID: 24645305 [PubMed - in process]


Google Tips

to see whether there are bad things happening where you live, try this Google search (example for Rhode Island) -
rhode site:casaa.org
(Replace rhode with a single word that describes your city, county, or state. For ex., if you live in Eau Claire, WI - you might use "Claire" to see if something is being proposed at the city level. Don't forget the : (colon), and be sure that there's nothing before or after the colon (not even spaces or tabs.)

You can also try replacing site:casaa.org with e-cigarette to find out what the media is reporting in your area. This is usually most helpful if you use the search tools to search by date. (CASAA doesn't generally issue calls or alerts until a bill is out of a state legislative committee, or is scheduled for a local city or county hearing.)
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