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3.7 V Battery vs. how many ohm cartos?

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by chevyluvv, May 23, 2012.

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  1. chevyluvv

    chevyluvv Full Member

    May 10, 2012
    Green Bay
    I was given some advice as to what might work with pure VG juice and one of the accomplished members advised the new Fluxomizer at Gotvapes. I stated that I had a 3.7 V battery and he told me that I could go with the 2.4-2.6 ohm fluxomizer. My neighbor just scared me and said that "he wouldn't" go that high as it could burn your battery out in 2 draws........:( I need the expert advice is this really true as he seems to know his stuff but I'd rather hear it from the experts.........Thanks!!

    His response;

    """I don't know what you've seen in the videos, but the Fuxomizers are the least labor intensive cartomizers out there. You may have been mistaking them for the other CE2's where you need to flip seals and fluff wicks and fill them through a tiny hole. Fluxos work right out of the box. You do need a needle-tip bottle or a syringe, but the top silicon seal is one piece and there aren't the tiny holes. It's squared off to leave a gap for a good sized needle, or a thin drip tip to fit. It takes less time to fill them than to fill a regular filled carto, and like I said, no modding is necessary. Plus, they don't crack or leak.

    They come in 2.4-2.6, 2.6-2.8 and 2.8-3.0ohms. For a 3.7 battery, I'd get the 2.4-2.6ohm ones. Because the coil is up on top, they feel warmer than a regular cartomizer. Even though 2.4 is not that low a resistance, the vapor will still seem as warm as a LR 2.0ohm Boge carto. It'll just taste a lot better.

    Quick electronic lesson. If you want to know how warm your vapor will be, remember Watts=Heat. More watts, more heat. To get the watts, you square the voltage and divide by the ohms. You have a 3.7V battery. 3.7 squared is 13.69. So just divide 13.69 by the ohms. That will give you the watts. 13.69/2.5= 5.48 Watts. 5.48 is not very warm, but again, the Fluxos feel warmer than other cartos, so it'll feel more like 6.5 Watts, which is pretty decent for a 3.7V battery. Most of all, it'll taste a lot better than a Boge.""
  2. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Feb 23, 2010
    Hello, Chevy! Information overload? I know, been there done that! Don't worry, you'll figure it all out.

    So, where do we start? Your neighbor is wrong. Dead wrong. Is he a vaper????

    The accomplished member is dead on, even though I just happen to disagree with him/her. :facepalm: Sorry. I don't disagree with his facts and numbers, I just disagree with his assessment that the fluksos are not labor-intensive! Unless he's talking about some most recent version I've never seen yet, which is possible, the entire CE2 line is extremely labor intensive and filling is a PITA--you need a syringe to properly fill them. They are also prone to leaking and cracking. Those are the facts. They also tend to emit funny taste (that's an opinion :)). Anyway, I wouldn't recommend them to a new vaper.

    I use Boge and single coil Smoktech cartomizers (2,0Ω, 2.5Ω and 2.7-3.0Ω are all fine on 3.7v). They have filler, but are much easier to use and deliver better flavor, IMHO.

    That said, you'll have to discover what works for you. I suggest you order some of each kind and play with them. You have to find your own sweet spot. :)

    As for Wattage, most vapers are happy somewhere between 4.5W-8W... YMMV, of course. Tobaccos and coffees do better with a little more heat, while delicate flavors taste better with less.

    Experiment and have fun! Happy vaping!
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