510/902 interchangeable?

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Mar 10, 2009
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    I sold my 510 awhile ago, so I can't give an a sold answer. The 902 is 9.2mm wide, and I am not sure what the width of 510 is since I don't have one anymore. The 902 is the exact same as the VX2 except that mine has a bigger internal battery. So, if you read it will fit on the VX2, then it will fit on the 902. I have no idea if it sits flush, if the 510 is the same width, then I would assume it would be flush.


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    Apr 16, 2009
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      The 306 fits on the sidesho, but doesn't screw all the way down and leaves a gap between the battery and the atomizer. This actually doesn't look great but it works pretty well because that gap lets air into the atomizer holes directly. I haven't used a 510 atomizer for quite awhile but I dug one out and tried it. Same gap and it fired up fine. If your OCD bothers you with the slight difference in diameter between the 306 and the 510 the gap might be too much since its pretty pronounced.
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