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Feb 11, 2013
little falls (new jersey)
    hey guys at ecf, have been reading reviews on the MA306 Atomizer by most angry pirates,, i liked it alot, have been dripping quite awhile on cartomizerz, and i wanna try these atomizers, so i ordered a bunch on goodsensevapor.com with a dca, guys help me out how do you properly BREAKIN a ma306 atmozier?? ill be using a zmax mini with 65vg/35pg UNICORN BLOOD from fuzion, any ideas on what voltage/wattage should i set the zmax? also how should i take my pulls on breakin period for the ma306?

    thank you guys, i hope ive helped other people when they read on this also with just starting on atomizers, thanks again guys! happy vaping!!!
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