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Dec 20, 2010
Guys I have been vaping on and off since 2009 and always quit due to how low powered the gear I was using was - essentially ego batteries with ego-c atties, ego XL cartos or EVODS.

Get yourself a Nautilus Mini or a subtank or one of both - spend a bit more on a tank and take a leap of faith. It might cost you 4 times what that EVOD or clearo costs - but the money is so worth it as the performance is also 4 times as much.

And get a battery that can power at least 20 watts - or more if you want to lung inhale (not sure why anyone would after trying it but hey each to their own.)

No more straining for flavour and a decent amount of vapour. No more needing high nic juices for throat hit.

I bought a 40 watt capable device and a subtank and a nautilus mini.

Compared to my usual EVOD's - either tank is like comparing a Silk Cut to a Camel Blue or a good cigar.

Oh and I vape zero nic, as when the clouds are warm and thick like on a subtank nano or Nautilus, you don't need the nic for throat hit (unless you enjoy the buzz, I don't.)

Here is what I just wrote having fund the perfect tank for me - honestly save yourself all the messing around and straining and struggling I did with ego type stuff and get a 20 - 40 watt device and a £20 tank of your choosing and finally taste how your juice is supposed to taste and get satisfying vapour at last! :)

Well I bought a Nautilus Mini. Using the 1.8 BVC coil.

This is IT.

This is what I have been searching for in vaping since 2009.

Dripping is great but I could never do it on the go or be bothered to do it at home half the time.

EGO type stuff, ego-t / ego-c / cartos / clearos / evods = junk. They produce at best a sort of stale tasting whispy steam that you have to strain for. Okay if you want to vape 24mg liquid, the th alone will stop you in your tracks but for flavour and vape production they really do suck. They paved the way for where we are now, so they deserve their respect, but they are not great and you will only taste a quarter of how your juice really tastes and is supposed to taste.

The subtanks, well they do what it says on the tin - massive plumes of warm thick vapour BUT I found the draw, the lung inhale, frustrating, too much vape at one time to savour it on the inhale and the drip tips too wide. Only taste the juice on the exhale and no sense of a fulfilling inhale. Plus they just simply guzzle up TOO MUCH JUICE TOO FAST.

NOW THE NAUTILUS MINI - Oh man, this is the one. I'm vaping zero nicotine Hansgeng RY4 which I knew could be good as I dripped it once. On my evod it was just rank and the subtank runs it a bit too hot and the straight to lung ihale draw like I said - is not to my liking.

I'm sitting here puffing away at 12.5 watts on my coolfire 4 (the ego battery and evod will be hidden away with a 10ml bottle of juice for extreme emergencies, like if all my other gear fails or I have to flee fast from zombies) and am getting thick plumes of vapour which taste just as good as on the subtanks but is just the right amount that I can mouth to lung and really enjoy the taste on the inhale and exhale and even exhale through my nose while taking a fresh mouth inhale. It's like an EVOD on steroids. And this is a juice that costs £10 for 40ml, I have seen in the local BnM that these can handle thicker VG gourmet juices also.

It's guzzling juice at half the rate of the subtank but the vapour is just as good! Done over 1ml so far and not one dry hit.

I have to say I actually wish I had have bought two Nautilus Mini's instead of a subtank and a nautilus. The subtank is overkill, but I need two tanks on the go so can have more than one juice to try on any one day.

Will see how well this is getting on in a week's time and if no hassle, will buy another one and relegate the subtanks for emergencies.

This tank is excellent. I see how people over tighten them, but you don't need to. The o-ring is so generous I have found you can tighten it to where it doesn't even look tightened at the base and then I took a leap of faith and turned it right way up - and no leaks. It doesn't need tightening further than the first tiniest bit of resistance.

I'm well happy with this tank so far.


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Nov 17, 2015
Really good info for all vapors Hotwire! I've been vaping for about a year and a half and have tried lots of the latest and greatest tanks as they come out, and always come back to my Nautilus mini. I did get a Beyond Vape Silo full size tank because it vapes like (slightly better, even) the Nauti mini but has 5mL capacity and love that as well. No leaking, never a dry hit and with decent quality juice the coils last a fair amount of time between changing. I don't need/want "clouds", don't like sub ohm vaping and can't afford to burn through juice quickly. I want a consistent flavorful replacement for cigs and I've found the tanks that give me that....the Nauti mini and Silo. Thanks for posting such useful and cost-saving info!


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Sep 21, 2014
Vapeville, USA
I sometimes think I would have liked for someone to have pulled me aside over a year ago and tell me "Dude, just get a 50-70 watt vv mod and a kanger subtank mini".
The Subox kit would have been perfect. Great little mod and tank with stock coils and a RTA too (rebuildable tank atomizer).

Although some people stop at the ego style stuff and are perfectly satisfied with that, and so jumping straight into mods and tanks can be overkill for them.

There are advantages also to starting small and leveling up. It gives a person far greater hands-on knowledge of all sorts of vape gear at all levels and of vaping in general, and also in finding the rig which truly works best for them, be it an ego or something that's pushing more power.
While my pocketbook would not agree, I am glad that I've tried it all and therefor have no doubts that I've found the vape that's best for me.

Again though, you'll save lots of $$ simply purchasing a decent mod and tank to begin with (for starters I recommend the Subox kit).
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Mar 18, 2013
Excellent review for similar vapers but not for all new vapers. Some will be perfectly content with ego's and clearos, others will wont be satisfied until they have 36mg pumping at 200w. I've been contentedly vaping on a mech mod with a tight draw atomizer at 1.5ohm for the last 2 years.


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Jan 27, 2011
east TN
Excellent review for similar vapers but not for all new vapers. Some will be perfectly content with ego's and clearos, others will wont be satisfied until they have 36mg pumping at 200w. I've been contentedly vaping on a mech mod with a tight draw atomizer at 1.5ohm for the last 2 years.

yes. almost 5 years for me and I successfully quit using egos and joye 510s! and I'm still using them for the most part, along with a reo! I also still use "disposable" 510 attys. to each his own :)
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