A Reonaut turns ECF Vet tomorrow!

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Feb 12, 2011
Fairfield Township, OH, USA
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    Jan 29, 2011
      Right behind ya sweetie! :wub: Congratulations Delilah! The ECF is a better place because of folks like you!!!



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      Jan 18, 2011
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        ECF - one of my favorite things in 2011!

        A year ago I was desperate to stop smoking. My husband, who was never bothered by cigarette smoke before, started expressing his displeasure the smell, the ashes, my cigarette breath, the cost! As he noticed, I started noticing more too – our home, the curtains, even the rugs! I was buying every odor eliminating product on the market! Candles, sprays, oils. My DH had given away some clothes and they called him back to ask if he smoked because the cigarette smell got into his closet!

        I couldn’t go anywhere without my pouch of mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, gum, hand wash, hand lotion. With smoking banned most places, and the ever increasing pressure of the anti-smoking campaigns, dirty looks from passers-by, etc.., I started staying at home more, where I could smoke without hassle! I started weighing invitations on whether I could smoke there or not! I knew it was time to quit but I dreaded the thought of cold-turkey or the patch (again).
        To me quitting smoking with those methods meant going from this :angel: to this :evil:. I knew nonsmokers didn’t understand how difficult it is to expect someone to go from smoking a pack a day for over 25 years to cold turkey or the patch! But then I saw Katherine Heigl use an e-cig on the David Letterman Show and the heavens parted and I saw the way!
        Bless you, Katherine Heigl!

        FLASH FORWARD – One year later….
        One year on ECF, one year and one month since I quit smoking, nearly one year vaping on life saving REOS! WHOOOHOOOOO! I smell baby powder fresh, my home doesn’t need multiple odor eliminators anymore, and as she said in Poltergeist “This house is clean!” :laugh: My kisses are sweeter and so is life!

        Thank you to everyone that makes ECF available to all of us in search of answers to finding a way out of bondage of cigarette smoking! ECF provides all of the information and tools to help make it happen and for that I thank everyone at ECF who make it possible to find the way!

        Thanks to ECF, I found the REOsmods forum, and met an awesome community of dear people who share their experience and expertise, friendship and BIG hearts. I love you REOkinz!

        I also thank ALL GOODNESS that I live in the era of the e-cig and the ingenuity of mod-making ninjas like my mods’ babies daddy, ROB! :wub: The e-cig helped me quit, but my user friendly, elegant, and powerful smoking-dejavu/vaporcloud-making-REOS SECURED my quit. And for that, my prayers for Rob’s health, well-being, and blessings in his life will never cease.


        And neither will my admiration, respect, or crush!

        I’m also very lucky to have found SmokeforPennys – Thanks to you Penny, :wub: I found an e-liquid that was akin to the flavor I was used to as a menthol smoker and I found my all day every day vape! :thumb: May all goodness bless those hands of yours!

        And thank you to AVIDVaper too! :wub: The HH357 has given me the ability to enjoy tons of flavorful vaporstacking vapes ! That wouldn’t have been possible without the innovating-envelope -pushing minds at Avidvaper. :thumbs:

        Thanks to all of you for helping me to reach and celebrate what was once a nearly impossible achievement in my life!


        With love and gratitude,

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