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?? about cignot batteries

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Jul 9, 2009
West Central Illinois - USA
    Cheyanntx - Yes. The mega or XL 510 battery is an inch longer than standard 510 battery but no bigger around so it makes no difference screwing it into the multi-charger. Just takes a little bit longer to charge. I have eight batteries charged right now (green lights) and six already charged in the non-charge storage row. The 10-charger has 10 holes for charging and a non-charging 10-hole storage row behind that to keep batteries or attys.
    Absolutely love it.
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    Mar 19, 2010
      They dont take the 8 hours it says they will - mine also take roughly an hour to charge on the charger unit. Word to the wise though about ALL stock 510 batteries - they have crap use life - they run out pretty fast if you're a heavy vaper like me - its why I have a PT (ok I have 2..lol) plus the PT runs at a slightly higher voltage than the stock batts.
      I love the 510s - really love them but the standard battery life sucks major bottom - invest in a PCC and/or PT or maybe buy the mega batts (cignot has all those items btw) which have a bit longer life than 'hardly any' lol

      My mega battery from cignot works for hours. I love it.
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