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Sep 13, 2013
Emmaus, PA
    Grrrr, post name was supposed to be "dripper" not "dropper" . Darn spell check

    Since I've been dripping me AGA T has been sitting. I pulled the stainless mesh and mounted a micro coil over the wick hole. Pulled some cotton from cotton ball through there. I arranged it so the bottom tail fluffs out over the wick hole. The other tail I curved around to contact the bottom tail. I pulled out the screw opposite the wick hole. This allows the juice to flow out the wick hole and saturate the cotton when you tip the atomizer. I did this and the old juice pretty quickly saturated the whole wick. Might work!





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    Dec 26, 2012
      Exactly my thoughts. I used my AGA T2 for a couple of days while playing with it. Tried different stuff but nothing worked. The juice does not get wicked using SS wick. By the way, I'm using 100% VG and even cotton can't wick it up. So I use my top coil RBA as RDA. Right now I'm using my i-ATTY which is again a top coil. Got a cotton wick but dripping instead of trying to make it wick juice lol .. I have ordered some (10m) Silica wick (2mm), will give it a try and see if it wicks better. Think I'm also going to order some eLiquids but this time it will be 50/50 on PG/VG period


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      Apr 8, 2014
        This is something I have been contemplating while my Kraken is on the way from FT, why not build a genesis like a cotton wicked dripper. Most people prefer drippers over other systems, however there is always the problem of having to keep dripping it regularly.

        So why not build the deck as a dripper with cotton, and saturate it with eliquid and fill you tank, take a few hits, and when you feel it starting to get dry, just tip it, let the cotton soak up the eliquid, and then hold it as you would, and continue, simply dripper with a tank.

        Regarding overdripping/flooding, I think after a few times, you would know how long to tip and how much, besides, gravity would come into play as well, and let the extra eliquid fall back into the tank.

        Will something as simple as this not work or am I being too naive?


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        Oct 22, 2013
          Lots of people do that they call is auto dripper, you have to make a U or L shaped piece of wire or something like that BC you need to break the surface tension of the juice in the tank is it won't come out when you tip it. Search auto dripper you'll see, if not hit me up, Pm I'll shoot you some pics I did that with a steam turbine and an aga td, but I want really happy with it, just saying there are better setups..
          Although I am a cotton cheerleader, dial mesh setups are the best vape I've gotten out of the kraken, most people will agree.

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          Apr 23, 2014
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            Really. I just did my above setup with 24 gauge and now I am running .15 ohms (vtc5 if ur concerned) and I love it. I mix my own juice and been making 10mg nic. I take 2 or 3 pulls every 30 minutes while i am at home and it is plenty. Tastes great. I never have a problem with 50/50 juice and surface tension. I learned to let 3 bubbles go when I turn it over and then it is wicked. I will look that up and see what the difference it.

            This has turned into a huge hobby now so I change coils several times a week. I need to order more wire. Lol.

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