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An E-Pipe gives a Wise man time to think, and a Fool something to put in his mouth instead of talking.

Discussion in 'DSE 601 *Pipe*' started by buckwally, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. buckwally

    buckwally New Member

    Jan 21, 2011
    I am a new member, gave up a 35 year cigarette habbit in August to start on disposeables and then got a Pipe601 in September. Local Vaping store was a huge help in picking my first refillable, and have not seriously thought about buying any other. Love the large battery and large cartridge. Had to fiddle with it a bit to get just the draw I like, but now I mix my own blends of flavors. Typically swap the battery and fill the cartridge in the morning and smoke all day. Sometimes swap the battery lin the evening after a heavy day but not often.
    Love to go in bars where smoking isnt allowed and fend questions from jealous smokers.

    Got an issue with my pipe. Even with a new and fully charged battery, pipe is blinking yellow all the time. Might have inserted a battery backwards to set it off. Cant seem to get it to stop and I know somebody else out there has to know why it is doing this. Still smokes fine but I worry for the electronics and I know the light is draining the battery. Anybody got a clue?
  2. banjo

    banjo Vaping Master ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    Rio Oso, CA
    Welcome to the ECF community. Glad to have you here. Also happy to hear that you found a PV that works for you. Sorry, but I can't help you with the blinking pipe problem. Anyway, thanks for the post.
  3. buckwally

    buckwally New Member

    Jan 21, 2011
    I see you are an Ultra member. Do you know how I can get my question copied over to the E-Cigarette - 601 E-Pipe Maintenance thread. Those guys look like they know their stuff and I am a newbie who can't post in ther yet?
  4. UntamedRose

    UntamedRose PV Master ECF Veteran Verified Member

    Mar 23, 2010
    Homeish now
    I can move it for you...1 sec
  5. DallasEd

    DallasEd Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 3, 2010
    Hey buckwally,

    Congratulations on your choice to quit smoking. I am just like you. Many, many years of smoking (2.5 packs a day before PV), and I too have been tobacco free since I found the 601. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in nine months. This is the first time in my life (56 years old) since I was 14, that tobacco hasn’t been a part of my life. I owe my future health to electronic cigarettes. I tried patches, pills, will power – nothing worked for me. But now, I’m smoke free.

    Like you, I chose the pipe for the big battery and big cart. It’s my PV of choice, although I’m going to get an eGo-T (the “tank” system) really soon and the reason for my change speaks to the essence of your question.
    The 601 has a limited life span. My experience over the last nine months is that a 601 will last from 3 weeks to two months. They just aren’t made for the long haul. The cause of its demise is usually that the auto switch gets stuck in the “on” position, or the atty burns out. I buy replacement attys two at a time. I bit the bullet and bought the original Ruyan E-pipe and got the same results.

    The guys over at Mistbusters are soon to come out with a single battery pipe possibly with a tank cartridge design that should make the 601 a relic. The atty will be replaceable. God love ‘em.

    Hang in there,

  6. arjay55

    arjay55 Super Member ECF Veteran

    May 25, 2010
    - ɹəpun uʍop -
    Hi there buckwally.

    Don't know the answer to your question, but did you try putting your 601 into its self cleaning mode. It may kick it back into the right setting after it finishes. Also have you tried blowing out the bowl. Apparently there can be juice and/or condensation that runs down under the battery housing.

    I pull the battery and cartridge out of mine every day or two and put some paper towel in the atty/cartridge chamber. Turn it so the atty is pointing straight down, put my mouth over the battery bowl and blow through it.

    I also do this if I want to change e-juice flavours in a hurry as it cleans the juice out of the atty out a bit as well. If you don't want to waste juice, vape your 601 for a few times without the cartridge installed till the atty starts to taste dry-ish.

    These are suggestions of things I do and in no way are they intended as the right way. Just giving you something to ponder :)
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