Another Happy Cignot Customer!

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Apr 8, 2010
Central Coast, Ca
    Thank you so much for your lightening FAST shipping & affordable prices!

    I ordered my Joye 510 late Thursday night, got a shipping notice Friday morning and had a package waiting for me when I got home from work tonight! Everything was packed well and was just as ordered.

    I absolutely love the purple PCC, the color is fantastic.

    I've been puffing on it a bit already, nice TH and vapor. Right now I'm using the included pre-filled cart but did drip a bit of the ECOpure english toffee to try it out and boy is it yummy!

    Thanks again Cignot! I'll definitely be ordering from you again.:thumbs:


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    Apr 16, 2010
      Rather than start another clone of this post, I'll borrow yours to say:

      I ordered my first starter kit from last Thursday night (may as well say Friday). It arrived Monday in my mailbox. I got the manual Joye 510 w/passthru and wall charger, w/5 prefilled carts, + 2x 5ml juice set and all is working fine and all proper parts as ordered.

      Could not ask for more! Thank you Cignot. I will be watching closely for you to get the ego style batteries in. Hope you ordered a LOT of them, we're going to hammer your website for them!
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      Jan 23, 2010
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        Bubbakinns, Quexos, your going to love your Joye 510. And I too find Cignots service outstanding along with there prices. There E-Juice selection is extensive, and of high quality too. Just wish I could do all of my shopping with them because of there super fast shipping and outstanding customer service. But then again, seeking out all the great deals from great suppliers is half the fun.


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        Apr 17, 2010
          I'm going to sorrow this thread too and say that I agree. I ordered a starter kit a few days ago and it arrived in no time. I just placed an order for three batteries and atties and got my shipping info within the hour. Sadly a battery that didn't see much use since I prefer the manual just flat out died on me and they are taking care of me with that too.

          I won't be buying anywhere else.

          Thanks cignot. :D
          For all the others that are lurking like I did for over a month, getting confused on what to buy and where to buy from...Just Do It!!!

          I ordered our 510 kits Wednesday evening and received them on Friday (Chicago to South Florida) Super Fast! Everything was packed well and I received everything as ordered. My only problem with the fast shipping is that I now have 3 unopened packs of analogs. LOL

          Now I just found out the Ego will be in stock some time today so am off to order that too! I guess I will not be saving much money by vaping but my health and the health of my family was my main concern. Am looking for a banner that will count how many days of my LIFE I am gaining by quitting the analogs. Is there such a thing????
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