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Anthony Vapes: Vandy Vape Trident Kit Review

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Anthony_Vapes, May 4, 2019.

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  1. Anthony_Vapes

    Anthony_Vapes Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2017
    Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of the Vandy Vape Trident Kit, please see the bottom for disclaimers and links. Note this is not marked as a sample

    The Vandy Vape Trident kit is the latest Vape Stick kit from Vandy Vape. Vandy Vape started in 2017 and since then have become very popular and pumped out a ton of products. I’ve reviewed over 20 of their products over the past year or so personally and they are pretty hit and miss overall making some really good stuff and also some really bad stuff. 2019 though they have continued to be hit and miss so far releasing a really good rugged mod in the jackaroo, a good MTL RTA in the berserker V1.5 mini, and a good affordable mech tube in the bonza. However they had their missteps with the AP kit, pairing the bonza mech with an unsuitable RDA, and a bad tank with the jackaroo so let's see which side of the fence this falls on. The Trident is a DTL beginner stick style kit to compete with products like the vaporesso cascade one plus, the freemax twister, and the smok stick. It takes an external 18650 battery and is a simple non-adjustable direct output stick and has a LED light for battery charge. The included tank is labeled as the trident tank, but it’s the same tank from the jackaroo kit which i already reviewed so obviously it uses the same coils. It’s available in 4 colors, Black, Grey, Military Green, and Desert Yellow. Looking around online I only see them for pre-order out of china on a few sites with an expected release date of mid to late may and around 50 bucks.

    Manufacturer's Specs:
    • Size: 137mm (L) x 27mm (D)
    • Material: Silica Gel Surface
    • IP67 Waterproof
    • Mesh Sub Ohm Tank
    • .15 Ohm Coils (50W – 90W)
    • PCB Board
    • Power Output: < 100W
    • Working Voltage: 3.2V – 4.2V
    • Working Current: < 35A
    • Voltage Output: 2.8V – 4V
    • Coil Resistance: .1 Ohms – 3 Ohms
    • Output Mode: Bypass
    • Standby Current: < 10uA
    • Capacity: 3.5mL / 5mL
    • 4 Colors: Black, Grey, Green, Yellow
    Included in box:
    • 1pc Trident Mod
    • 1pc Trident Tank(3ml)
    • 1pc Extra Bubble glass(5ml)
    • 2pc Mesh Coil(0.15ohm )
    • 1pc User Manual
    • 1pc O-ring Bag
    Coil Options (material not listed, likely KA1)
    • Mesh 80 .15 ohm rated 50-90 watts (2 included)
    • Mesh 50 .3 ohm rated 40-60 watts (not included)
    Picture Album

    Trident Mod Rundown
    The Trident is a non adjustable simple stick with a fire button and nothing else. There are two LEDs inside the fire button one small one on each side. It tell you the battery level by the color. Purple means 70% or more, blue means 30-70% and red means 30% or less. You can fire to check the battery charge as it’s only active when firing. You can also turn the device on and off with 5 clicks of the fire button. Very good job on the design and simplicity of this mod.

    The stick itself is really nice. It’s coated in silicon for durability and the silicon has a unique design on it. The coloring is nice as well mine is the simple grey. The entire mod except the 510 platform and the battery cap is coated in grey silicon that is soft and comfy. The tanks are all SS but the drip tip matches the mod color on them except for the black which comes with a black tank and a red drip tip. I didn’t test any durability or waterproofing on it as spoiler alert i’m not going to recommend it anyway, but being a basic stick, with no screen and covered in silicon it’s going to be pretty durable regardless. The included tank is 25mm at the base and sits flush and makes it have an AIO type look to it. It feels well built and has a good weight to it.

    The Trident Mod unlike most of these sticks kits takes an external 18650 battery. No 2x700 option which may turn some off but not a big deal to me. There is also no USB port or any charging on this device. While i recommend charging external anyway, with these beginner stick kits it’s important to have one for “in case of emergencies” situations as well as passthrough so that’s a con for me personally. I do like using an external battery though but in the same sense that does take away some of the convenience that people look for in a stick kit. The also list some funny specs, two of them are less than 100 watts output and less than 35a output. Pretty sure they mean to say equal to or less then. Technically if it put out 1 watt max that listing would be correct so nothing to test against. Just mentioning it because I found it funny and they should fix it. Still overall it’s a solid stick mod that gets the job done and does what you would expect.

    Trident Tank performance
    Quick rundown on the tank, it’s a 25mm diameter at the base (27mm diameter wides point without bubble glass), uses a standard 510 replaceable drip tip and comes with a resin friction fit one but also fits oring ones as well. There is 2 glass sizes a 3.5ml standard and a 5ml bubble glass included. The trident uses a simple quarter turn to pop off and pop on the fill cap and it’s nice and smooth and has a good 7 sided polygon shaped area to grip it. There is 1 large fill hole and it’s easy to fill. I love the fill method on this tank. The airflow is made for DTL vaping with the standard 2 large wide ovals one on each side like most tanks. The coil system is a simple screw into the base system as well. Overall it’s a nice tank built well with a good design. Now let's get to the performance.

    This is the same tank as the one that comes in the jackaroo kit which i reviewed already so obviously uses the same coils and i’m quite familiar with it. It comes with 2 coils like all kits should so good there and both are the mesh 80 coils. It can also fit the mesh 50 coils but they didn’t include one of those as it seems it wouldn’t perform well with direct output anyway which is fine. I used both coils with 6 juices each coil. I didn't use them until they burned out. Now from my experience with this coil previously it was best around 70 watts and even at that it was decent at best. Hoping maybe last time i got a bum coil i tried both of these 2 at 70 watts again and yeah that’s where it’s really best but again both are decent at best flavor. Here is where it gets worse, using it on the trident kit, results in a terrible experience with pretty much no flavor. It lacks intensity and extremely muted. It’s almost a flavorless vape. So I did some testing as it’s obvious to anyone with any decent experience these coils are being underpowered, and in a best case scenario (which means likely most people’s normal usage is going to be lower) using less than 1 year old, low cycle, sony VTC5A batteries, fully charged, i get 66 watts. So best case scenario that most people won’t be getting anyway it already slightly underpowered a pretty bad coil, in real world usage most people are likely to be around 60 to start with a fully charged battery and it only goes down from there. So yeah overall they are pretty subpar coils at their best, and worse off in this kit, you’ll never get them at their best, making them even worse.

    • Build Quality of mod and tank
    • Size and Weight for portability
    • rugged and comfy design
    • Replaceable Battery (18650)
    • AFC is easy to adjust and smooth
    • Battery Indicator is good enough
    • LED is bright enough
    • good 3.5ml and 5ml capacity options included
    • comes with 2 coils and has 2 options
    • color options (4)
    • standard 510 drip tip
    • tank top fill is excellent
    • mod performs as expected
    • no USB so no charging in a pinch or passthrough
    • Some may consider having to replace a battery in a beginner stick kit is counterproductive
    • Coil flavor is subpar even when used at it’s best wattage
    • Coil power needs don’t match what the mod can do, making them even worse due to being underpowered.
    So with all that said, do I recommend this kit or not? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but this is going to lean towards the no pretty heavily. The stick itself is nice overall but i feel like with the external battery and no charging option that it’s counterproductive to what a beginner stick should be, however i could see people enjoying it as a “faux mech” style mod to pair with a RTA or RDA. The tank though while nice, their coils are pretty bad and they need to work on their coil performance. I know VV is pretty new to premade coil tanks. I think these may be their first DTL coils they ever made so it’s important as reviewers we give them this honest feedback so they don’t continue to pump out bad coils and can actually improve and make a coil they can be proud of. Not only that, but like most stick kits, the coils don’t perform well with a direct output mod as it can’t power them to their needs. Overall it’s a solid mod with some questionable design choices, paired with a nice tank but bad coils so yeah won’t be adding this to my list of recs linked down below but feel free to check them out if you are in the market for something.

    This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and i’ll catch you on my next review.

    Product Disclaimer
    This product was sent to me from Vandy Vape

    Review Disclaimer
    Due to possible QC difference your experience may vary.

    Reviewer Disclaimer
    I’ve been doing vape reviews since late 2016 and have done over 300 reviews to date. I enjoy helping vapers on forums as well and helping contribute to the great vape community. I’m not an “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be thorough at all times and have enough experience with many products to tell what’s good and what’s not. All mods get tested with an oscilloscope and stress tested and results are posted in my reviews.

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