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Anthony Vapes: Wismec Hiflask Review

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Anthony_Vapes, Jun 28, 2018.

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  1. Anthony_Vapes

    Anthony_Vapes Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 23, 2017
    Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with my review of the Wismec Hiflask AIO Pod Kit, please see the bottom for disclaimers and links

    The Wismec Hiflask is the latest AIO Pod kit from long time vape manufacturer wismec. Most famous for their RX series of mods, but they’ve fallen out of popularity as of late due to issues with their mods. The Hiflask is their first attempt to make an AIO Pod box however. It features replaceable coils a 5.6ml capacity and a 2100mah battery. It’s available in 4 colors Black, Red, Silver and Blue/White. I see it available online in the 25-35 dollar price range. It’s also available in a 2ml TPD version as well.

    Manufacturer's Specs:
    • Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 1-7/8" x 1" (Including Mouthpiece)
    • All-in-One Device
    • Simple One Button Design
    • Maximum Output Wattage: 40W
    • Direct Output
    • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.6ml
    • Built-in Battery Capacity: 2100mAh
    • Battery Life Indicator Light
    • Refillable HiFlask Cartridge with JVUA - Juice Vertical and U Airflow System
    • Cartridge Lock System
    • Adjustable Airflow Control Switch System - Min or Max
    • Utilizes JVUA Atomizer Head for Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL)
    • Includes (2) JVUA 0.3 ohm Atomizer Heads
    • Front Micro USB Charging Port
    • Maximum Charging Current: 2A
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • Atomizer Protection
    Included in box:
    • 1 x Wismec HiFlask
    • 1 x HiFlask Cartridge (Pre-installed)
    • 2 x JVUA 0.3 ohm Atomizer Head
    • 1 x QC USB Cable
    • 1 x Set of Spare Parts
    Coil Options
    • JVUA .3 ohm coils (they mistakenly list them as .35 ohm on their site)
    Picture Album

    Kit Rundown
    The Wismec Hilasfk is a small box style Pod AIO (all in one) kit, meaning there isn’t a separate mod or tank that can be used with anything else. It does have replaceable pods so you can carry spares and i see them listed on sites for preorder already. The pod doesn't include a coil and those need to be purchased separately as well. Similar products to this are the voopoo panda, innokin pocketbox, and joyetech dolphin. The pod is easily removable with the lock switch on top. It’s a decent size but a bit bigger than the pocketbox and panda. Pretty similar in size to the joyetech dolphin. I have some comparison pictures in the album above. There is adjustable air which is nice but it’s pretty limited and always a pretty airy draw for DTL vaping. Which is fine for the device since the coils are .3 ohm and it’s a direct output device it’s not made for high MG nic salt juices at all. It has a very nice capacity of 5.6 ml and there is a 2ml TPD version as well. The battery is listed at 2100 mah so pretty good for the kind of device it is. Close to some internal battery mods. It features built in USB charging listed at 2A and has Pass Through Vaping while charging. The drip tip is built into the pod itself and non replaceable

    It has 2 LED Lights on it. One is a pinhole size one above the USB port. It turns on red when charging and turns off to let you know it is fully charged. The other is behind the fire button and is a white LED that’s a little hard to see. It’s active when firing only and lets you know the battery life. If it stays lit it’s 60% or more, slow flashing is 30%-59%, moderate flashing is 10%-29% and fast flashing is under 10%. This could have been done better but at least it’s something. Filling the device is very easy, slide the button on top to release the pod and on the side is a rubber plug you open to fill. Pop it out, fill, and put it back on. Also note the coils don’t come preinstalled and you need to have a coil in it when the tank has juice in it. Installing the coils is easy as well, they just slide into the bottom of the pod. They are housed in a bracket much like the dolphin coils. Usage is very simple 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off. Press fire to vape. Rotate the dial on the top to adjust the air which is labeled with a max and min, but not much of a difference in the 2 really. There is no plug or cap for the mouthpiece. It would have been nice to include a cap for it when you pocket it. The juice level is hard to see due to the dark tint of the pod. I wish it was clear or tinted less personally since it’s easily wide open for viewing and would have been easy to see otherwise.

    One more thing to note, the manual lists some protections and such. Short circuit, Low voltage, over vaping (10 seconds), and low battery (3.3V).

    Coil Performance and details
    The kit comes with 2 coils. Both are the same .3 ohm JVUA coils. The site shows them as .35 ohm but mine have .3 ohm on them so not sure if they made a change to go lower or misprinted them. JVUA stands for “Juice Vertical and U Airflow” essentially it means the juice is actually above the coil in the pod and the airflow makes a U shape where it comes in the top on one side going down, then through the coil, then up to the mouthpiece making a “U” like shape. This is the same type of system used in the Joyetech Dolphin kit which is the same company as wismec (wismec and eleaf are sub brands of joyetech) so essentially it feels like another version of that device but under the wismec brand. Here is where it goes a little wrong, The wicking holes are really small on the coil (pictured above) and they don’t work well with thicker juices. 70/30 was at best decent. Anything higher was a complete no-go. It’s really mostly suitable for 50/50 juice. The issue with that is most 50/50 juice for sale (not counting DIY obviously) is high MG nicotine and this is too strong of a vape for that. I tried some 30mg nic salts and it was a huge mistake. I mean i had to to be thorough but not what this is suited for really. Maybe the coils would be good with 50/50 6-9 mg juice but that’s not easy to find really. So i cannot judge the coil life but it doesn’t wick well with most juices or isn’t suited for them. They should have made them bigger like on the dolphin. Not sure why they went smaller. I did get pretty good flavor at times but couldn’t chain vape and couldn’t get good life out of 70% juices either due to the small wick holes.

    • Build Quality
    • Color Options
    • Simple looks
    • easy to remove pod and replace coils
    • easy to fill
    • passthrough vaping
    • battery meter
    • fast charging
    • adjustable air
    • good capacity (5.6 ml)
    • extra pods are available for sale
    • coil performance (not good for thick juices or high mg nic juices)
    • juice level is hard to see
    • no cap for mouthpiece
    • battery level hard to see
    • airflow adjustment doesn't make much a difference.
    So with all that said, do I recommend this AIO POD system or not? I don’t like to do hard yes or no, but this one has to lean a little towards the no. it’s an alright device in itself but they are trying to market it as a beginner DTL kit yet the coils are only able to take thin juices which are usually for MTL vaping so it kind of defeats the whole purpose. If you DIY and make lower mg 50/50 juices you may find it to be a good device, but overall i can't see much of a use for it. If they were to fix the coils and make them work well with 70-80% VG juices i would probably recommend it. But as it stands now i can’t and won’t be adding it to my sheet.

    This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, hopefully you all can say the same and i’ll catch you on my next review.

    Product Disclaimer
    This product was sent to me from Wismec

    Review Disclaimer
    Due to possible QC difference your experience may vary.

    Reviewer Disclaimer
    I’ve been doing vape reviews since late 2016 and have done around 200 reviews to date. I enjoy helping vapers on forums as well and helping contribute to the great vape community. I’m not an “out of the box” reviewer. I do my best to be thorough at all times and have enough experience with many products to tell what’s good and what’s not. All mods get tested with an oscilloscope and stress tested and results are posted in my reviews.

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