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Any opinions of quality of Juicy Vapor all VG juices?

Discussion in 'VG USERS ONLY' started by orachel, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. orachel

    orachel Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 2, 2010
    Mesa, Arizona...USA
    Hi there! I'm sensitive to PG, and while I'm insanely happy with my current vendor Virgin Vapor's VG juices, she does all organic flavoring (which is awesome!), and I'm about to experiment with some much higher voltage vaping. Very high voltages can smoosh all the flavor out of organics, so trying to get some sample juices in all VG that I can use at 5.5 or 6v to see if I like it.

    Saw this awesome reviewer guy (can't remember his name. Pbusara, maybe?) using Juicy Vapor's Ecto Plasma, and looked intriguing, plus someone in my local forum just suggested Juicy Vapor juices to me. But they're both using PG/VG juice. I've bought VG juices from some other vendors who do awesome blends, but their all VG... YUCK! lol Thick and gooey and almost completely tasteless.

    So hoping someone can give me some feedback on how their VG juices are at juicyvapor, since I'm looking for nice and thin (boge cartos!) and flavorful...awesome at higher voltages is great, too!

    and maybe flavor suggestions?
    Trying a bunch of samples... Here's what I've got in cart right now. Yell if you think I've GOT to try your fave flavor, or if one of the ones I've got is gag-worthy. lol

    Ecto Plasma (thats what the reviewer was using and great reviews on site)

    River of Slime
    Gummy-Bearz (those were suggested by guy in local phoenix forum)

    The Rainbow Pride Pack (red orange yellow green blue purple....Since I'm a proud active Straight-Supporter..and the fruit flavor combinations sounded awesome! lol)

    Blueberry Mojito Sorbet
    Blackberry Bellini
    Wake n Vape
    Hookah (mojito)
    Banana Cream Pie Saltwater Taffy
    Peach Bellini
    Dance Like You Mean It
    Hayle's Sundae Moose Tracks
    New York Cheesecake
    Nutty Toffee Coffee
    (those just sounded good to me)
  2. Dieseler

    Dieseler ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 24, 2011
    Bumping this thread .
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