Any single coil RTA that will give similar taste like the Gemini?

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Feb 14, 2014
United States
I've been using the Gemini Mega RTA as my daily runner for maybe 6 months along with a Wismec Presa 100w, @ .3 to .4 ohms. The flavor and cloud is amazing but I'm tired of burning through juice and batteries like there's no tomorrow.

I went back to my Kanger Subtank to see if I can live with it but it's not giving me the taste that I get on the Gemini and it completely mute the sweetness of the same juice I use on the Gemini.

Anyone have a Gemini and have experience with other RTA that provide good lung hit and good flavors like it?


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Aug 30, 2016
Niagara Region, ON CANADA
I have a Gemini and I use it daily but I still prefer my Lemo 2's to it. Single coil build, less airflow, cheap to pick up now that it seems to be on sale everywhere.

Do you use your Gemini with the a/f wide open? The Lemo 2 could be a good option for you but it gives a more restricted lung hit than the Gemini. I use my Gemini with the a/f almost completely closed off.
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