Are you getting rid of the .... plugs?

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May 30, 2010
    i have heard a lot of people not liking the plastic wrapper, honestly I don't see a issue of taking 3 more seconds to open a carto and knowing it was sealed safely and not tampered with then just with plastic holders on the end. But I think they already said they are getting rid of the wrappers, which IMO was not a big deal.


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    Dec 3, 2009
      I personally like the wrappers. I got some peppermint ones like that. IMO the taste was fresher and lasted longer.

      Also, it's really not THAT difficult to open them if you just tear in the spot that has the indent. Takes 1.5 seconds.

      It also serves as a reminder that no one vaped it! Which is ideal for PIF, etc.

      I say KEEP THEM. People hate change so much it's scary. Embrace improvements.

      When I first saw them I thought to myself...OH GOD...just like vapornine it's going to smell like vitamin wrappers. BUT they didn't. I am very pleased.


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      Sep 1, 2010
        I can deal with the plastic wrap though I prefer not to have it. Just a waste of packaging on the blanks especially. On the prefilled, it seems to keep the juice a touch fresher.
        I keep the .... plugs around for the same reason you said, it keeps the juice from dripping down my hand.
        I only keep the larger ones and only enough on hand for the number of carts I have that I refill. The rest go out.

        Those new rubber stems on the other hand, I toss those out. Those are a PITA cause 90% of the time, I forget they're there and try to screw the cart on the batt with it still in.


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        Jul 13, 2009
        La Mesa, California, United States
          Personally, I *hate* the wrappers. The new ones I got at least have that notch thing which does make it easier, but the first package I got with wrappers didn't have that and it took me forever to open it (much more than the 3 seconds someone stated). In fact, I had to search out my scissors to finally open it. I can understand the wrappers from a hygienic point of view, but at least make sure to have all the wrappers have the notch on them..
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