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Ares mtl rta review

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by Shone, Jan 3, 2019.

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  1. Shone

    Shone Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 22, 2017
    I received ares mtl from for the purpose of this review.

    Ares mtl rta comes in few colors:

    - Gold
    - Gun metal
    - Stainless steel
    - Black
    - Rainbow



    - Diameter: 24mm
    - Height: 45mm
    - Capacity: 5ml/2ml
    - Material: Stainless steel

    In the box:

    - ARES RTA
    - Organic cotton
    - Pre build coils
    - 1M wire
    - Sets of screws (Phillips and Straight),
    - Black orings installed
    - Green orings
    - White orings
    - 2 Types of drip tips (wide and narrow bore)
    - Clear glass installed
    - Smoked glass replacement or different look
    - Beauty ring
    - Multi Screwdriver
    - Phils Build Tool
    - Dimi build tool


    The Ares RTA is a collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis and Innokin, this is a mtl atomizer and you can buy this atomizer in 4 different colors. Package is very rich, honestly I never received more stuff in the package, literally in the package you will receive everything that you need to use this rta without buying anything else. In the package you will receive kanthal 26g wire and also 2 pre build coils with some cotton. In the package you will receive screwdriver, Phils Build Tool and Dimis build tool to make easier spased coils. In the package you will also receive a beauty ring if you like you can use beauty ring to protect your tank, once again I need to say, very nice package.
    Ares mtl rta is 24mm in diameter, height of this rta is 45mm. You can see some details on the atomizer, on the top you can see engraved "Innokin", on the chamber you can see engraved "Ares mtl rta", "Platform series", names of the designers, also from the bottom of the rta you can see engravings about manufacturer and atomizer. Build quality is very solid, everything is as it should be, threads on connection are good and pin is gold plated.


    Drip tip:

    Atomizer comes with two drip tips in the package, wide and narrow bore, one drip tip will be pre installed, the other one will be in the package. Personally I like to use the narrow bore drip tip, it is very comfortable for me and I use this one all the time, I like a lot this drip tip. If you don't like any of the drip tips you can use your own drip tip on this atomizer without problems.


    Top cap and chamber:

    This is a top fill system atomizer and filling the tank is very easy. On the top cap you can see engraved where you need to push the top cap in order to open it and fill the tank with e liquid. Filling slot is big and I belive no one will have a problem with filling the tank. The fill hole is insulated with silicone and we have a little con here because in the package there is no spare silicone so you can't replace it and it is not removable also. Of course so far it works just great and there is no any problems with this. When you fill the tank there is no any leaking or gurgling, everything works just fine.
    Glass tank that comes pre installed on this rta has 5ml capacity which is very good capacity for mtl atomizer. In the package you will receive one more tank, this tank is smoked and capacity of this tank is also 5ml. Tpd version is also available with 2ml capacity. Tank stands perfect on the top o ring and you can change the cotton or the coil when you have e liquid left in the tank. Ares rta comes with pre installed black o rings, but in the package you will receive white o rings and green o rings and you can use any combination.
    Chamber is raised and it looks like chamber is big but when you screw the build deck inside there is not much space left which will improve the flavor, also chamber has conical shape which will improve the flavor as well. Threads on the chamber and base are good and you will have no problems with putting rta toghether.


    Build deck and base:

    Build deck has two posts and building here is very easy, screws are good and screws locking the leads very good. On the build deck you can see a liquid barrier to prevent leaking, so basically barrier will prevent cotton to touch the airflow hole. Airflow slot under the coil is a little bit raised, you can see on the picture and airflow comes to the coil from few little holes, very similar as siren 1 airflow. Wicking here is also very easy, you just need to make sure to put the cotton properly in the wicking slots and everything will be fine, personally I like to cut the cotton between the base and the deck.
    In the package you will receive two coils which is great, but I dont like to use 3mm coil but probably many of you will like, anyway big plus for the coils in the package. In the package as I earlier said we have 0.4mm kanthal and tools to build coils,basically when you buy the rta you have everything that you need in the package to use the atomizer, very nice and very big plus for that.
    On the base you can see the airflow control ring and here we have one small hole and one slot for airflow adjustment. We have 4 holes for airflow on the base and we can use just one or we can use more hole at once by using the slot, so we have nice options with airflow. Also to adjusting airflow is very easy, the airflow control ring works very good.


    Using the rta and my thoughts:

    So, let's start from the top fill system, on ares rta we have really nice top fill system and filling the tank is very easy, you only need to push the top part and you can fill the tank, also capacity is very good and probably to most people one tank will last all day, even more. So far top fill works very good and without any problems, as I said there is no any leaking and gurgling when you fill the tank, but still we have a little con here, that silicone insulator isn't removable and I hope that it will last long, so far everything is good.
    I like that tank stays in place on the top o ring when the base is unscrewed so ypu can change the cotton or coil when you have e liquid left in the tank.
    Build quality is good and there is nothing that I can complain about. Package is very rich which is a big pro. Throat hit on the ares rta is very good, strong. This atomizer works very similar as siren 1 but only better, if you liked siren v1 you will like this one for sure, I used siren long time ago but I can say that vape is very similar. Ares rta works way better with thicker wires, with kanthal 0.35 it works very decent at 15w. Under the coil on this rta we have few holes and this is the reason why we need at least 0.35mm kanthal, this can be a con to you or this can be a huge pro, depends how you like to vape. Basically, flavor on this rta is very solid, I can taste every note in my e liquid, but you need to use 0.35mm kantal or 0.40mm kantal in my opinion, also flavor is better with more airflow holes opened because of the pressure under the coil and you can't actually use smallest hole, I mean you can but it works way better with bigger holes or with few holes opened because of the ariflow under the coil. So, if you like a little bit looser vape at 15w and above this atomizer can be very good for you and probably you will like it because that way flavor is way better, also capacity is great here, build quality is good and this rta is very easy to use.


    - Silicone insulator is not removable
    - There is a little bit of whistle with biggest airflow hole


    - Build quality
    - Very easy to build
    - No leaking
    - Top fill system so far works great
    - Very good capacity
    - Flavor is good at 15w and above
    - Tools in the package
    - Two drip tips
    - Wire, coils and cotton in the package
    - Beauty ring
    - You can change the coil or cotton when you have e liquid left in the tank

    You can buy ares rta here: Ares mtl rta
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  2. stols001

    stols001 Mistress of the Dark Nicotinic Arts Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    May 30, 2017
    Tucson, AZ
    The Ares flavor is muddied and muted.

    My two broke within days of each other. One was my fault, the other most emphatically NOT. They were bad enough that I did not warranty them.

    I will say the Zenith is an ABSOLUTE win, but the Ares, its little brother, is not.

    They don't leak (like many an atomizer) the topfill is okay (like many an atomizer) but they are extremely "meh" in my book I am afraid. Just sharing my experience and etc...

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