Aspire Nautilus first impressions

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May 22, 2010
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    Having been a Smoktech mega carto and Protank fan for a long time, I began to notice the new air flow tanks that are appearing on the market and chose the Aspire Nautilus after trying an Aspire CE5.

    I'm impressed! The draw is adjustable and the flavor is good. What's even better is the durability of the head design. I've vaped for a week or so now on the 1.6 ohm head that was installed when it came out of the box. Flavor is great and vapor is really impressive. I had to turn down the voltage to around 3.3v to put it into the 6.8 watt range that I like. I'm still blowing PBusardo style clouds that will obscure your face if you vape in front of a mirror.

    I appears that the media for the juice is cotton in the Aspire head. It wicks well and feeds the dual coils nicely. I've noticed an occasional gurgle with 100%vg juices, but that's easily remedied by properly adjusting the air flow ring to match the viscosity of the juice you are using. I find that thin juices match up well with the two largest air holes. I use the largest hole for most of my vaping and switch to the next smaller hole if I feel that I need to load the wicking a bit. The smaller the air hole, the more suction you get when you draw and the increased suction feeds more juice into the wick. Once you have it primed where you want it, you can switch back to a larger air hole and increased air flow.

    Any tank can experience juice overload in the coil and wicking from time to time. It's just the nature of the beast and is related to the viscosity of the juice. Thinner juices tend to flow into the wick faster. Heavier juices, not so much. It's the reason for the multiple air flow holes that control juice flow and air draw.

    If you do happen to overload the wick, there's a couple of tricks to stop the gurgling. One is to switch to the largest air hole and turn the tank on its side with the air hole pointing down. Any juice overload will gravitate to the hole where you can blow into the drip tip and force it out into a towel. You may have to hold it with the air hole down for 15 seconds or so to allow excess juice to run downward to the air hole before you blow it out.

    The second method is similar to what I do with a Protank when it gurgles. Pop off the drip tip and insert a thin strip of paper towel that you have rolled up tightly enough to fit down the air tube. When it bottoms out, it will absorb the juice from the bowl area and all will be well again. If you can find Q-tips that are small enough to fit, that would work, also. A normal Q-tip is too large.

    Of course, higher VG juice will prevent gurgling from happening in the first place.

    Overall, I rate the Nautilus highly. It's become my daily vape and I expect it to be just that for a long time to come. The 5ml tank capacity, accurate flavor, nice vapor production, long life heads, and its study construction combine to make it a good buy.
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      Excellent review of the Nautilus and I find it dead on to my experiences also. Now I've had mine for a couple of months now and have only used 2 heads which are still going strong, a 1.8 and 1.6 ohms. I rotate them when changing fluids by dropping the used one into some Vodka or Everclear for a few hours then removing it and letting it dry. I've only had one Aspire head to go bad in the last 4 months of using them and that was a standard BDC version that shorted out 2 days ago which is my first head failure. I have glass versions of the CE5, ET and a Vivi Nova 3.5 ml tank. I mostly rotate between the Nautilus or Kayfun for my normal vape using the CE5, ET, and IGO W for trying out new juices I made or bought already made. I'm running all of this on either a Vamo 5, Lambo 6 or Nemesis.
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