Aspire Unveiled the Gotek S and Gotek X, Breakthroughs in Design and Technology to Redefine Intelligent Vaping Life


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    The Gotek Series is designed for exceptional performance, combining much-anticipated features to meet consumers’demands for smart and stylish devices. With the introduction of this new series, Aspire once again delivers on its commitment to innovation. the Gotek series features bold new breakthroughs including an upgraded vaping technology and an enhanced design.


    Vapers are demanding increasingly high-quality vaping experiences. How to stand out from the crowds? the Gotek Series adopts an exclusive bottom airflow inlet system and huge e-liquid capacity. Here are two pod versions for you to choose from, refillable or prefilled? It’s up to you. The refillable pod is very cost-effective and provides you the flexibility to use any flavor and nicotine strength option, while the flavors of the prefilled pod can be customized according to your needs and prefrences, the two included prefilled pods give you an uninterrupted vaping experience up to 9000 puffs, making e-liquid drain a thing of the past and subverting your impression of disposable devices.

    The common features of the Gotek S and Gotek X:

    Cost-effective vapes with adjustable bottom air inlets.

    Built-in 650 mAh battery for 2 days use.

    Optional prefilled 5 ml and refillable 4.5 ml pod versions.

    Environment-friendly materials, budget-friendly experience.

    The different features of the Gotek S and Gotek X:

    The Gotek S is more colorful and nifty, however, the Gotek X is more concise and elegant.

    The Gotek S is smaller than Gotek X.

    The whole body of Gotek X is transclucent, and only the middle part of the Gotek S is transclucent.

    To find out more about the unique features of these powerful and beautifully designed vapes and how they herald the future of vape technology, visit:

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