Auction Day Sale (May 17)

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Oct 27, 2009
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    Auction Day Sale

    Fridays are Auction Days on the ECF forum for Valley Vapor. This week we're going to give everyone a chance at getting a killer price. Usually it's for one item, or a group of related items. This week, we're running a sale on all products.

    Running through Sunday night at midnight (everything here is west coast time :) )

    20% off all hardware, liquid and accessories. No restrictions.

    Expect the auction to return next Friday, I just wanted to make this available to everyone this week.

    Use coupon code AUCTIONDAY when you check out for your discount.

    Thank you to everyone for participating so far. It's hard to come up with something original on ECF because, for the most part, it's all been done. I hope to keep this going for as long as you guys are entertained by it.

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