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Augvape Druga RTA Review

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Mar 14, 2019
Warsaw, Poland

Today I have the Druga rta for review, the newest single-coil rta By Augvape.

Thank you @Augvape_Fiona for sending me this rta for review!


In the Box:

1x Bubble Glass
1x Druga RTA
4x O-rings
4x Screws
1x User Manual


Very simple and limited packaging, pity there is no coils nor cotton included in the kit. Always nice to be able to open a box and have all necessities for your first set up included.

Again, a very beautiful looking product by Augvape, love the fact that Augvape does not overexaggerate with the branding on their products. It is a short RTA, which should improve the flavor. Love the color I received, just looks very classy.

All the threading and material used feel very proper. No ‘sandy’ feeling when screwing or unscrewing the top cape or base of the tank. The top-cap is easily unscrewed with its ridged design. The top cap connects to the tank with thick threading, also unscrewing very smoothly. It unveils two large fill-holes which are built slightly into the top-cap to make it a mess-free fill.

2.4ml with straight glass, 3.5ml with bubble glass, not amazing, but more than sufficient for a single coil RTA.

One thing that is a bit annoying on this tank is the airflow ring, it is so thin that it is hard to catch onto. On some of my mods I am not even able to turn the airflow ring will installed on top of the mod, on some I am able to. If its about the sound it produces, it is very smooth, fully open or almost entirely closed, it sounds very smooth, no whistling whatsoever.

It is a bit hard to unscrew the deck, especially with liquid in it. That is because of the tiny airflow ring and the fact that the top-cap easily unscrews, so you cannot hold it strongly on the opposite side of the tank as it will unscrew the top-cap as well, need some patience here. When I first saw the deck, I was a bit confused as it looks like a dual deck with its 4 screws and clamps. There is 4 screws and clamps basically to be able to put in your coil in different ways, kind of nice.

It is very easy to build on this deck, just put in the coil legs and screw the screws down. The outside of the deck allows for a clean cut of the excessive coil legs, no issues with shorting out because of the legs touching the chamber. Since the airflow is hitting from the bottom it is best to put the coil down as far as possible for best results. You can fit up to a 3.5mm ID coil in here without it touching anything inside the tank.

Wicking holes are more than large enough for a single coil RTA, not much combing out needed for the cotton to be placed inside the ports not too tightly. It wicks beautifully even when chain vaping on this tank.

Best part of this tank is the flavor it provides for a single coil RTA, it is just high-level in my opinion. Main reasons I think are the fact the tank is short, and the coil can be really put right next to the airflow inlets. A very nice and smooth vape, both at 30W and 50W. The airflow allows for a very restricted DTL hit and loose DTL hit.


A very nice, easy to use single coil RTA. It delivers outstanding flavor and a very smooth vape with its airflow. It looks good, it vapes well, what else do we need?

For me only downside of this tank is the airflow ring, it is so thin it is hard to unscrew the tank with and on some mods turn the airflow, a ticker airflow ring would have solved these issues I think.

Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this RTA.

Thank you and have a good day!

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