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Augvape Intake Mtl Rta Top Air Flow By Augvape & Mike Vapes.

Discussion in 'Atomizer Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Nov 10, 2020.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Augvape Intake Mtl Rta Top Air Flow By Augvape & Mike Vapes.


    The name Intake was introduced on the market for the first time two years ago, the following year the dual-coil version arrived, this year there are two new releases, first the sub-ohm version with prefabricated heads arrived, while now comes the new MTL RTA version, fruit of the umpteenth collaboration with the American youtuber Mike Vapes.

    Enjoy the reading

    The white cardboard packaging with which the product arrives, shows at the front; the Augvape logo, the name of the modder who collaborated on this project, the name of the vaporizer, the photo of the object.

    On the back they are listed; the content, social networks in the form of icons, logos & brands, the address of Shenzhen Augvape Technology Co, Ltd, are also present a QR-Code and a scratch & check.


    Package contents:
    1 * MTL RTA Atomizer
    1 * Bubble Glass
    1 * Gasket
    8 * O'ring
    5 * Air-pin:
    4 * Reverse Thread Screws
    2 * Coil Kanthal and Ni80 MTL Clapton from 0.8 ± 0.05Ω
    1 * User Manual
    1 * Warranty Card


    Dimensions and features:
    Top air flow MTL / DL
    Top Refil
    Dimensions: 24x54.3mm
    Weight: 58gr
    Capacity with straight glass: 3.1ml
    Capacity with bubble glass: 4.6ml
    Deck: single coil
    Undercoil air reduction: Ø1, Ø1,2, Ø1,4 Ø1,6, Ø1,8mm
    Thread: 510


    First impressions:
    Having a rebuildable MTL atomizer with AFC on the top anti-leak was one of the combinations I was missing, so I was happy to get this item for review (thank you Augvape).

    At first glance, the "Intake" appears quite tall (54.3mm Drip-Tip included) touching it with your hand it seems sturdy and well built, the significant weight of 58gr is certainly due to the construction in thick stainless steel; the equipment is rich, there are several o'ring, four spare screws, four air-pins + one, two pre-assembled resistors and a 4.6ml pyrex "Bubble" tank.


    The Drip tip 510 has two sealing o'ring and is built in derlin, the internal hole (4mm) could be suitable for a good shot in restricted flavor.

    The top cap has a perimeter texture designed to give a good grip to the fingers. The opening mechanism makes use of two teeth present in the lower part of the top-cap, they coincide with two notches obtained in the upper part of the chimney, therefore for this rapid operation only 1/4 of a turn is needed.

    The liquid refill slots are of unusual size for an MTL atomizer, they are giants! This allows you to use any dispencer for refueling.


    The AFC ring nut (removable) has two rows of 2x5 holes, these holes have the following measures: 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8mm

    In the upper part of the main structure there are two types of air passages, the first pass (MTL) is a single hole of 2.5mm in diameter, it allows you to use a regulation of the AFC with a single hole at a time, the second passage (DL) uses a 2x10mm diameter slot that can allow the simultaneous opening of all the holes on the AFC ring.

    The ring is equipped with an end-of-stroke, slides over an 0-ring and allows multiple and quick adjustments.

    The Intake MTL inscription engraved on the bell is quite deep and clearly visible.


    We have seen the control of the air and its multiple possibilities of partialization, now let's see what turn the air makes ...

    The internal part of the bell is quite interesting to observe, its internal diameter is 14mm wide, 9mm deep, has a peek material ceiling with three holes, the chimney has a 4mm hole and is placed in the center.

    The air coming from above is channeled through the side holes on the white peek inside the bell (1 and 2), passing through two perforated metal "poles" on the deck (1 and 2) to reach the part underneath the coil , then, the air sent to the coil is partialized by 5 + 1 different combinations, depending on whether one of the five steel air-pins is used (we have seen the measurements).

    * The unique center hole (sixth combination) with no air-pin inserted, measures 3.7mm and can be used for a very airy vape.

    In the image below (indicated by the arrows) you can see the lock / unlock engravings on the deck, this is to remind you that the screws to tighten the coil legs are in reverse rotation compared to the usual one.



    The pin 510 (removable) is quite protruding, gold plated and with peek insulating gasket.
    In addition to the name of Mike Vapes and the Augvape brand, engraved on the base are the disposal logo, the serial number and the C E brand.

    Building this single-deck is simple, after choosing our air-pin, to install the coil you just need to remember the direction of rotation of the screws.

    Once the coil legs are inserted between the screws and the side feet, they are effectively locked, even the cutting operation is easy.

    After arranging the coils and running in the coil, we can insert the cotton by adjusting the cut with the outer edge of the base.

  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019

    Final conclusions:

    During the tests, to experience the MTL shot, I first used the Ø1 air-pin and then the Ø1.2 one, the first resistance used was one of those provided by Augvape, then I switched to a classic Ka1 28ga 5 coils on 2.5 point, so I started adjusting the AFC ring ...

    With some open holes the shot is smooth and regular, the problem comes when you try to throttle the shot to get a really narrow "European" vape. With this configuration I noticed a slight
    accumulation of condensation, I thought I was making a mistake with the cotton combing, but after several tests I came to the conclusion that the intake is not suitable for a too choked puff.

    I vaped for a while with these low wattage builds but with a more open air, in this case the power supply is regular, but so the vape is placed between MTL and Restricted DL, perhaps the Americans have a different conception of the MTL vape , certainly in Europe they prefer it differently (more restrict puff at low wattage)

    However, I'm also not a fan of the particularly stifled MTL puff! So I abandoned the idea of using the Intake with these configurations, without too many worries.

    I then switched to Ø1.4 and Ø1.6 air-pins, using first a simple Ka1 27ga wire coil, later a complex wire coil.

    With these configurations and with my creamy liquids, "Intake" is expressed at its best. From 16-18W, the vaporousness takes on thickness, the heat is very manageable, playing with the single holes (never less than 2 open at the same time) the aromatic yield rises in tone and the delivery is fluid and clean.

    Considering also the good capacity of the pyrex bubble (4.6ml) "Intake" satisfies me, it also excites me the possibility of using it at higher wattages, a bit like I did with the Skyline, I must say however, that the new Intake configured for Flavor Chasing me satisfies more.

    Ultimately the Intake Mtl Rta Top Air Flow by Augvape is a great atomizer, solid, sturdy and well built. All the threads are precise and smooth, the refill system is fast in opening / closing, the Top-cap is sufficiently braked in the rotations, so it will never open unless you want it to.
    It does not lose even a drop of liquid, not even if you make a mistake with the amount of cotton! With high wattages the Drip-Tip insulates the lips well from the heat and the Puff is sufficiently quiet.

    So if you like me appreciate this type of Vaping, the Intake Mtl Rta Top Air Flow I recommend it, you will like it.

    Highlights Intake Mtl Rta Top Air Flow:


    General build quality
    Materials used, peek, ss316 pyrex glass
    Well structured refilling system
    Liquid capacity 3.1ml and 4.6ml
    No liquid loss
    Supplied with accessories
    Convenient deck to regenerate
    Good Yield in Flavor
    Convenient price

    Restricted MTL

    Thanks Augvape for submitting this product for review:
    INTAKE MTL RTA - augvape

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  3. hittman

    hittman ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nice review. I've been a fan of Augvape tanks since the Merlin. I have several of the original Intake rtas and saw this tank and was thinking about getting one. It sounds like it's a good performer.
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  4. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    Thanks friend.
    Augvape is always a good choice.
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