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Bass Aackwards design

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by MagusSteele, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. MagusSteele

    MagusSteele Super Member ECF Veteran

    I was thinking (Ut oh):evil:
    I was wondering why the designers made it backwards.
    It would seem better to draw the fluid through the atomizer, maybe even with a venturi design to swirl the flow through a delivery tube.
    The element would be on the outside of a tube, never actually touching the fluid, just heating it to smoke point.

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  2. TropicalBob

    TropicalBob Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 13, 2008
    Port Charlotte, FL USA
    Just a guess that they might have issues with both hot vapor/steam hitting the mouth and too close proximity to a source of electromagnetic radiation. Your design indeed "makes sense," so there must be reason it's not used.
  3. prestontiger

    prestontiger Full Member

    Aug 29, 2008
    US Wyoming
    my guess is the design that is used has something to do with cost, size and convenience. I thought about the same design the first time I "really" looked at an e-cigs
    and while I would like to "rig" an ecig to work that way to test it does add some extra pieces (I.E. why add a cartridge, and a mouthpiece, when they can be combined)

    The next reason I can come up with that its not used is that, it was based on traditional cigarettes to appeal to smokers better. Real cigarettes have a filter that goes in your mouth (at least most that are bought here in the states anyway XD) and e-cigs have something very similar (cart that has something that resembles a filter) maybe they were worried if there wasn't a filter people would look at it and not think it was as safe (I'm talking about the masses here of course XD)

    And the final reason I can come up with why it wasn't used, is maybe they didn't think of it this stuff is pretty new, and when designing it they got something that worked, and didn't see many problems, of course after the "consumers" have used it for awhile we found a few minor "bugs" A lot of which would be eliminated by your design

    Someone should definitely try to rig one up to see if their are any major flaws with it "hot steam/vapor" and I wouldn't worry to much about being to close to radiation because cell phones and other electric devices have higher levels I believe plus the "replaceable mouthpiece" keeps it the same distance away from your mouth as a normal e-cig does
  4. leaford

    leaford Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    But, if you're drawing the liquid through the atomizer, and ity fails to vaporize it, you'd get a rush of liquid into your mouth, wouldn't you?
  5. MagusSteele

    MagusSteele Super Member ECF Veteran

    I thought about the liquid thing too.
    But if it was made correctly, it wouldnt be a stream of fluid, you might get a drop.
    The best ways to prevent that would add more parts, a charge button to prime the heater, or a reed/flapper valve.
    I was pictureing something like the emitter for a bic lighter (you remember those right, hehe) where the flame is, like an injector on a car to spray it in.
    Presure like a Co2 cart would be the best, You could recharge it like a butane lighter with a presurized can, but again, thats more work to make.
    Plus, the fluid would have longer to travel then it does now, so it would just have less things to clog, it would be a straight shot. It would make a whole new market for micro pipe cleaners :þ
  6. MagusSteele

    MagusSteele Super Member ECF Veteran

    I again refer to the club fog machine design.
    They use a pump, instead of human suction,
    But their pump wont start till the temp is right.
    I am guessing that micro chip could do that.

    This is all dreaming anyway.

    They want a better design, just make one that lasts.
    cart that lasts and dosent waste 1/3 of its charge
    Atomizer that wont burn out if you sneeze at it
    a battery that will last a days use.
    Things like that really matter.
    I keep reading about these Vast "R&D" departments, what do they research? the better egg noodle?

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