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Best ecig batt, tank & coils for V4L premium liquid juice

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by Steve101usaf, Oct 5, 2017.

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  1. Steve101usaf

    Steve101usaf New Member

    Oct 5, 2017
    Hi guys,

    It’s my first post & Im coming straight to the pros for some advice! I hope you guys can help me out because I really don’t want to go back to analogs ☹️

    A quick backdrop to my story & what I’ve been using until now *(please don’t laugh, I know it’s a very basic/archaic & newbie setup but it has worked for me so far to stay away from analogs)*.

    I’ve been using V4L’s (Vapor4Life) variable voltage (3.2-4.8V) e-cig battery along with their 3.5ml tanks & 2.0 ohm single-coil cartomizers for over 4 years.

    I settled with this combination because I liked the battery (life & performance) and the cartomizer in single coil & 2.0 ohm configuration because it gave me the most satisfaction in 2 critical areas which were vital for me to stay away from analogs:
    1- Throat & Chest/Lung hit
    2- Taste of e-liquid (rich/thick tobacco tasting type of draw) with each hit. (It seems like the specific cartomizer {single coil 2.0 ohm} that I was using made all the difference because once I tried using their dual coil cartomizers {in all of their 3 configurations 1.5 ohms, 2.0 ohms and 2.5 ohms} & taste satisfaction was completely gone & replaced with more vapor production that was stale/tasteless with an unsatisfying throat hit {it felt more like tons of tasteless vapor production instead of tasty e-liquid in the vapor}.

    My main issue is this, my current setup/combo (variable voltage e-cig battery, tank with the 2.0 ohm single coil cartomizer) works but I get very frustrated with e-liquid leakage that ruins my e-cig experience. I know how to fill them and prime them perfectly so the issue is not there but it’s when I want to vape the “premium” V4L e-juice liquids that this happens with. I’ve noticed that with the thicker “wow” V4L’s e-liquid it isn’t so much an issue. I believe that their vg & pg ratio is 25% VG & 75% PG but I don’t what other ingredients are in each of their e-juice liquid series (“Premium” & “Wow”) line to let you know what might be causing my issue with their premium liquid line. It states somewhere on their site that their “Wow” e-liquid line is more better for massive vapor production and their “Premium” for more throat/taste hit.

    I tried going to a local vape shop that had all these expensive e-cigs/vaporizers with all the bells and whistles but I walked out very disappointed. I had brought my e-liquid along with me and spoke to the employee there with my issue. So I bought a glass tank from him & filled it up with my “Premium” V4L e-liquid (if i remember correctly it was a kangaroo brand dual coil cartomizer) & tried vaping with over a dozen vaporizers but all of them were very disappointing. Every single vaporizer that I tried with that tank & coil combo reminded me of the vaping experience I used to get with the Vapor4Life dual coil cartomizers (tasteless vapor but a lot of vape clouds). I just wasn’t interested in having a vaporizer to produce the most vape clouds but to give me the most satisfying throat/e-liquid hit possible without having any leaking issues.

    I guess I’d like to know what is the best vaporizer, tank & cartomizer combo that could remedy my situation? I hear so many things about this tank and that coil with this vaporizers temp control & voltage control that I get so overwhelmed & confused on what to do/buy.

    I’m hoping that some of you fellas were former V4L users or had friends that were, so you’ll be a little more familiar with their e-liquid lines & their type of cartomizers.

    Please forgive me for any grammatical/spelling errors from beforehand but English is my second language.

  2. Katya

    Katya ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Feb 23, 2010
    Hi Steve. Former V4L user here. I bought my first V4L kit in December 2009, but switched to fillerless tanks as soon as they became available and never looked back. :)

    I suggest you switch also--cartomizers are really old school and not very user friendly or efficient. If you want a similar vape to what you're accustomed to, try one of Eleaf GS Air Tanks and 1.5Ω dual coils--they work great out of the box and the load (wattage, power) is split between two coils, so if you apply 10 watts, each coil only gets 5 watts. They are really nice (@10-12watts). The tanks come in different sizes, so choose one that fits your current battery.

    Eleaf GS Air Fan : Part 2

    I also love and use eGo One tanks--I like the megas (4.5 ml), V1 or V2, both good, but they also come in smaller sizes. I recommend you throw away the included CL coils (they are garbage) and buy CLR (rebuildable) coils. Get a box of 1Ω CLR (remember that those are single coils, not dual)--they can be used out of the box, rewicked (gently dry burned if necessary) many times, and later rebuilt with any wire you want (if desired--they are ridiculously easy to rebuild).

    eGo ONE tank series – CLR coil

    I'm not familiar with the batteries you're using, but with simple vv batteries you'll have to do the math to find the best voltage setting for your coils (dual coils require higher settings). YOu may consider upgrading your battery also, in the future. There are many iexpensive VW batteries on the market--Eleaf iStick 30, for example.

    If you have more questions, ask in the threads I linked above or in New Members forum--you'll get more answers and recommendations there.

    Good luck!
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