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Boost pro adapter issues ?

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Jan 21, 2012
Bracebridge Ont Canada
    Just curious if Geekvape has addressed the issues with the 510 adapter in regards to the Boost pro B100 version ? While it works well with the original 18650 On the new 21700 version it automatically pops off when screwing in certain tanks. While it works well with shorter threaded tanks such as a PNP tank it automatically pops off when threading in Geekvape tanks.

    The contact points are different in the 2 mods and I have tried 3 different Geekvape branded adapters with multiple tanks so I know I can’t be the only one who has had this issue.


    Full Member
    Nov 19, 2021
      I've have barely used the 510 adapter on my B100, partially because of the exact issue you mentioned and also because even though it is a 21700, if I'm vaping with a tank I just find it easier to use one of my bigger mods.

      I think the B100 is pretty damn good with the pro P-coil pods. Yet another issue I've noticed is the the boost plus pods, the ones with the b-coils, are really tough to get on at first. Once they break in it's still harder to put on verse the pro pods.

      I really love the thing still. Seems to be built like a tank and the batteryife is insane when you're running it with the plus pods and B coils for nic salts.
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