Bought Blu Battery Bundle BUT My Ce4 top loader Clearomizers won't fit :(

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Mar 15, 2012
I bought a Blu battery job lot of batteries plus the Blu charger (Ebay) - They charge fine, but it seems it was not such a good deal after all :(

I have about 2 dozen (cheap) Ce4 (top-load) refillable wick type clearomizers (I do not like the coil variety... personal choice) - and none of them fit my Blu batteries :( So I have been unable to use my Blu batteries :(

I was astounded to learn that Blu clearomizers are £4.99 EACH!!! I can barely afford five for that price (at a local shop)! I have been vaping since 2010 and all my Ce4 batteries have worked with my cheap clearomizers. I have not came across one that didn't.

Does anyone know of /any/ top load clearomizers that would fit my Blue batteries? Ideally no dearer than £2.00 (UK) each? My Blu batteries are all Ce4 egoT size.

A previous poster asked the same question, and they were advised to buy egoT Ce3 Ce4 or Ce5 clearomizers cheaply and try them. The thread was closed to replies, but that information is partly incorrect. Cheap Ce4 cleaormizers do /not/ work with Blu. They don't fit.

I don't want to waste money on clearomizers that don't fit Blu batteries, so maybe a Blu Vaper can advise me on cheaper alternatives to the £4.99 Blu Pro tank one?

Thank you :D
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